I am HOME! ๐ŸŒ„South of France serenity ๐ŸŒด

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Esteban cried at the airport when we were re-united, bless him. I've never seen him emotional for this reason before but I do see now with clarity that I can never again leave home for such a long time, no matter the size of the money carrot. These children need me.

I am especially happy because I was able to finish everything which had to be done back on my solar site job, despite the bad weather which sure didn't make it easy. I now have a complete site map and all the media required to finish the film.


Home Sweet Home

This morning I woke to this view from my office and smiled. I really am home. Feels so surreal after 7 months in the UK. The sun always seems to shine here in the South of France, even in the winter. And it is much hotter & higher in the sky, making this cold season way more enjoyable than in other places I have lived.

The key is going outside every day to catch that sun :) IMG_1745.jpg

I am back in my tiny village in the Pyrenees Mountains, population 300.

And it feels gooooood :)

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Yesterday I smiled all the way home.

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This is Manchester airport.

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I slept the entire flight because I had been up the night before making the solar site map & updates to the film.

It was dark when we arrived home after a long drive from Carcassonne and the kids went directly to bed, so no photos till the following morning.

Esteban was full of smiles when he woke up this morning. Do you like his crypto rocket bed clothes?

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Then we played!

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The kids wanted to take me to the park where we played some more.

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Happy to see Esteban still loves bananas :)


A chip off the old block everyone keeps telling me.

luna  Esteban.jpg

Luna is more beautiful than ever. And so full of LIFE ENERGY :)


I have said it before and I will no doubt say it again. Sabrina has done so very well looking after these kids without me.

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And I love her very much.

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Over & out for now ;)

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    Awwww that's the sweetest. It actually bought a tear to my eye. I know how much you missed them and so glad you are HOME.

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    A good time to depart the UK with the stormy weather and the even more stormy election campaign.

    Enjoy the family, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the contentment back home in France.

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    Its the best feeling ever to be with you loved ones

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    Must be nice welcome home. A cracking spot ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’

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    I longed to see this post. I have skipped tears. Happy life!

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