Sublimesunday - Walk by the water in Moonlight!

Happy sunday amazing peeps πŸ₯°

I hope your weekend has been treating you well and that you are finding things that makes you Smile and find peace.

Stress and anxiety can get the best of us if we let it. But we can turn it around by focusing on the things that makes us feel good and smile.

One of those things for me is the BEACH. I'm Lucky to have a beach right across the super market were I use to shop. And shopping can as you know be stressful at times, especially in times like this.

So what better place than the beach to bring you peace and catch a breath? And if its in the moonlight and the moon is reflecting in the water... Even better πŸ₯°


peaceful moonlight!


This is the first video that I actually talk in 😯 Whoooaa? A little out of my normal comfort zone but hoping that I Will do it more 😁 lol


And as I looove playing around with edits and effects, you know that I just couldn't help myself.


Photograph by @saffisara

Beautiful view right? WELL... After editing with painting and drawing effect... Look at this!


I have to say that I LOOVE this version much more 😍 So Colourful and will be my #funkyedit hosted by @krazypoet


This was my #sublimesunday by my bestie @c0ff33a and #beautifulsunday hosted by @ace108 Also suits as a #thoughtfuldailypost by @wesphilbin

Leave with a bonus moonlight!

This was taken by the lake across the field from my house


Photograph by @saffisara

Beautiful views and peaceful sounds can do Wonders for the soul.

I hope you enjoyed this, and that you have a place to go that brings you peace and Happiness πŸ₯°


Much Love Ya'll πŸ’‹

Stay safe my peeps ❀️ and no matter how crazy things are around us DON’T forget to SMILE



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🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it! 🌸


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🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻


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    Wow... what a bonus. You get the calm water with bit of the sunset and the moon together.

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