Silverpornsaturday - 2018 2oz silver KOALA "Next Generation"

Happy sunday amazing peeps 🤗

I know Im one day late on my saturday silver post 🙏 sorry @silverd510 But I have had internet issue almost all week and only had moments in the garage where I had a tiny little short connection 😜 lol

But now Im back so I have some catching up to do... Like my #silverpornsaturday

So here is my latest silver hottie 😍


2018 2oz silver KOALA "Next Generation"

Content: 2 troy ounces of 99.99% pure silver Fact value: $2 Australian Dollar (AUD$) Diameter: 40.6mm Maximum thickness: 6.42mm Designer: Aleysha Howarth Maximum mintage: 75,000 Packaging: Tubes of 10 pieces; Boxes of 200 pieces


Photograph by @saffisara
Look at that beauty 😍🐨 and fits well for mothers day as well right? Koala Mother and her baby!



Dillon Gage is excited to announce the release of The Next Generation series from Perth Mint. The coins are produced by Australian mint that is known throughout the world for its Koala, Kookaburra, Kangaroo and Lunar series of bullion coins.


Now, for the first time, investors and collectors have a new, unique way to own silver that is part of the Perth Mint heritage but available in a unique size and design. The Next Generation coins display both a mother and baby of iconic wildlife in the Australian Outback. The first issue in the series showcases a pair of koalas on the reverse, while a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse. Each Next Generation coin features micro-engraved radial lines for enhanced aesthetics and security.


The coins weigh two-ounces, struck as a piedfort. The word may be new to many, but piedforts have been struck for over half a millennium. During the Middle Ages, France and Great Britain minted coins of double thickness and weight for presentation purposes. The word “piedfort” literally translates to “heavy foot” in French; it alludes the coin’s extra weight and metal content. While piedforts have existed for years, this is the first time the Perth Mint has issued a silver bullion coin in this special format.

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