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A month ago, I wrote a post Check - SEO ANALYSIS and today I have free time and a desire to analyze

The domain is registered 2020-03-11- today is 51 days of life, let's see where we are now in the search systems and how ratings have grown.




In the rating the site is showing tremendous growth. Only a month has passed and we see an increase in position by 91,000 seats. Now we occupy 71293 place in the world - an amazing result in 51 days.


Google & Yandex





Google has indexed a huge number of pages over the past month. Yandex will catch up later (different algorithms for search robots) Google is number 1, no one will argue with this, but I use Yandex - now I’ll try to explain why. In Yandex, it’s easier and faster to find the information I need. Now we’ll try using the word #hive to find our favorite site.

Google Search: imgonlinecomuaResizeNurrBpmpW9Q.jpg

60th place in the search engine, it is very far. It's like the distance from Earth to Alpha Centauri)) Let's see what Yandex will give us.

Yandex Search: imgonlinecomuaResizeJLfF1O9TLuaODP.jpg

This is already far better - 29th place in the search engine. Let's try a popular search query - Hive Blockchain.

Google Search: imgonlinecomuaResizeZbgvIfOVrbem37Hx.jpg
Yandex Search: imgonlinecomuaResizeean6lV6ovl.jpg

Google’s 12th place and 2nd place in the Yandex search engine (in the image, the top lines are ads) I also like how the information is displayed in the Yandex search engine - it is easier to perceive with eyes and saves my time.


This blog is not an advertisement of the Yandex search service - but if they pay me, then let it be an advertisement;)


I intentionally left the full addresses of sites - the system is designed so that search engine robots will find links to top sites faster and rank them. Checks on the site left traces in the reports of SEO analyzers. I will post this post to all resources in which I am registered. Search robots will find all the links and, depending on the rating of the resource, rank these links and the site itself. The more links we leave on third-party resources, the better for us and the site (we will increase our rating in search engines)

Do not hesitate to share your and other people's blogs at and other resources. All of these links add weight to our favorite site

Promote promote and we will soon see the new Hivers, in the vastness of our decentralized network!


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  • @overkillcoin

    Hive? Interesting, I'll have to check it out and see what it's all about :)

  • @solominer

    Ive used Yandex alot recently. Especially when searching for torrents. Im able to find what im looking for on Yandex when its missing from Google (probably removed).