Waiting for my account to be nullified.

I invested 4 years in steem. helped the community grow with a great team at four different SteemFests accross the globe

built a ton of apps and tools on top of the platform and for the platform. did presentations at big tech companies about it.

yet. if the rumors are true: it seems some people here want to nullify my account after blocking access to my stake previously. (as of current I am unable to transfer my stake or vote)

time will tell.

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  • @billyuzi

    I bear witness that you are doing a great job, I wish success to you

  • @rmach

    This kind of regime has a name.

  • @novacadian

    Perhaps you would be interested in my devious plan to make being even a witness sock puppet too risky, legally, by implementing a browser extension which will base64 code one's pics and post them to the blockchain for posterity.

    The final step would be advertising the extension on the vilest dark net forums; though perhaps the perverts would find it on their own.

    A proof of concept site is presently working using Perl, at the moment, yet an extension would give the creator less liability in my opinion; never having to house the pics even for the short moments for encoding purposes.

    You're welcome to run with this ball as my motivation may not be as great as yours to see the concept become reality; not to mention your masterful skills as a programmer would likely see it come into production much quicker.

  • @ausbitbank

    Insanity :(

  • @cmp2020

    Funny. I had been here for four years too when the Hive people removed my stake. . .

    I hope that the rumors are false; you should be free to do whatever you want with your stake. I also hope people eventually realize that what Hive did was equally wrong.

  • @electrodo

    I sincerely hope that the new steemit administration will give your money and mobility back to all those accounts that are blocked.

    It is not fair it is money and time invested of which they have the right to move as they see fit.



  • @kingbit

    This hard fork will punish discrimination against specific groups.

  • @derangedvisions

    It is sad that you and those others on the list are the ones that did so much for the Steem Blockchain before JS came in and destroyed it.

  • @ceruleanblue

    I severely hope this won't happen. I barely know you aside from your work, but Steem really can't afford to do something like this at this time IMO. Complete lack of decentralization if that's the case. No security either.

  • @guest123

    Fork it and create steem classic!

  • @xiaoqiang


  • @rishi556

    Well you are part of the list. https://github.com/steemhardfork/steemhf/commit/66321e06f862a28b53e5268f0d67db0fd65b3bcf

  • @steevc

    Steemit will try to spin this as protecting their platform, but it's theft. Totally different to Hive selectively gifting tokens. Nobody lost a single Steem in that fork. Steem is a platform of censorship and centralised control where those who do not stir things up can milk the system. It's really sad to see it go that way after all we did to build and promote it.

    Thanks for all your efforts in running Steemfest and helping to make Steem great. It must hurt to see that all trashed out of spite.

  • @nokodemion

    Lolz, Karma is a bitch!!! You bad actor :)

  • @gotbos

    Crazy. How can anyone trust Steem if they do this?

  • @qwerrie

    too many dicks in this post. othersiwe, I found it an intresting to convey the diff opinions.

  • @borepstein

    Wait... How is it even possible to black your access to your STEEM? This seems absolutely atrocious.

  • @stellabelle

    this really sucks. if anyone deserves my respect on steem it is you. you created Steemfest and put everything on the line. we never expected it to end this way. i am at a loss for words actually, i have no way of knowing how this is affecting you. https://media.giphy.com/media/LoTpZDACRFsrNK1vxs/giphy.gif

  • @leprechaun

    You have convinced me the true value of Proof of Work chains. This could never happen on a POW chain.

  • @krischik

    Have you seen what happened in the @community321 wallet:


    Looks like something went horribly wrong.

  • @theabsolute