Quick update

I have resigned from Steemit, Inc.

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  • @introduce.bot

    The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

  • @techslut

    Well, this escalated as expected. Come to the PAL Discord. There's still hope.

  • @mobbs


  • @paulag

    sending you good vibes, thanks for all you have done

  • @apsu

    Thank you for your decision.

  • @dalz

    You ware one of my favorite steemit inc employe!

  • @cardboard

    Thank you for all your work.

    If the community takes back the blockchain - would you be interested in steem development funded by sps?

  • @ausbitbank

    Thankyou for your amazing open source contributions <3 And massive respect to all of you for having the balls to walk away

  • @adasq

    Steemit raped, DPoS raped, Community raped.

  • @zipporah

    I'd say 'nice to see ya', after such a long silence, however – I regret the circumstances under which you're speaking up. Cheers to you for taking measurable action. You set an excellent example...

  • @netuoso

    The community is behind you.

  • @acidyo

    Thank you 4 everything @roadscape.

  • @themarkymark

    Thanks for all your work on Communities and Hivemind. Steemit Inc is losing everything that made it valuable.

  • @cryptocurator

    Sorry to hear this. It must have been an extremely difficult decision. Would you come to the PAL discord server to talk to the community?

  • @ericwilson

    Please help us vote in the real witnesses.

  • @hiddenblade

    Thank you.

  • @mahdiyari

    Big respect

  • @drakos

    Sucks that you quit your job, but given the circumstances I appreciate your solidarity to the STEEM community. Hopefully you'll join us in our fight to reclaim and preserve our chain from future hostile takeovers.

  • @firepower

    This must've been super hard. Thank you so much for all your contribution to the platform from the earliest of days. It would've never been the same without you. I also want to thank you for all the help and support over these years. Much respect for your decision, can't imagine how stressful this might've been for you and other devs in light of recent events.

  • @phortun

    Thanks for everything you have done for our blockchain and community. Stay strong and take some rest. We will win this battle.

  • @crimsonclad



  • @v4vapid

    Thank you for all your efforts over the years in realizing Hive Mind and Communities... it's a real shame that this all happened just as Communities was launched. All the best. Thank you!

  • @justineh

    ❤️ see you on the other side. This place wouldn’t exist without you and the community is behind you.

  • @agr8buzz

    Thank you for all your hard work on the STEEM chain! You resigned with integrity intact! Keep your head up and come back stronger than ever.

  • @mindtrap

    Well mate, you know that there is room for all ex-Steemit employees here, right? Community would love to have you back.

  • @good-karma

    Sorry things have come to this and I know you have put countless hours into bringing steemit where it is now. Please don't become a stranger. With much respect and hugs...

  • @udezee

    Respect 🙌 #steem community behind you guys who sweat hard to where it is now.

  • @freddio

    thanks for all your work @roadscape

    Do you think it is a future for steem?

  • @nonameslefttouse

    It's all good! Insanity is a full time job around here now and we have plenty of openings!

    On a serious note. Thanks for working hard.

  • @creativetruth

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Mad props and respect!

    Where's a clean garbage can? I need to put something on my head to contain my screams while I wait for the potential end of steem.

  • @shadowspub

    the community loses on this but you did what you had to do ... you guys have have had to deal with a lot in the last short time.

  • @fredrikaa

    Lots of respect Tim.

    You're the person I feel the most for in all of this, seeing how it should be the time to celebrate, use and promote communities, which is such a fantastic addition to our chain, and for which we owe you so much gratitude, rather than the time that we worry about our future.

    I really hope we can build a much stronger and more decentralized future for all of us going forward. And thank you so much for all of the fantastic contributions you've made. It has already been a pleasure engaging with you on how to build this place better, and I hope that will continue for many more blocks to come!

  • @thekitchenfairy


    You're the best out of the best out of the best!!!!! 💔

    Best wishes roadscape 💫💫💫💫

  • @lemouth

    Thanks a lot for your hard work during all these years. Good luck with your next project!

  • @resiliencia

    Thank you very much for you work. The community is with you Roadscape! You were part of the huge value of our chain!

  • @bashadow

    If the purchase of steemit was to obtain a development team capable of building and branching a block chain toward the future looks like he missed on that goal.

    I look forward to see what team you will join, and hope you continue with work on the steem block chain making it a true decentralized social platform that can be rewarding to users of all stripes and types. The Globalization of steem block chain and it people are what makes steem block chain such a wonderful place.

  • @preparedwombat

    Thank you for all you’ve done for the Steem blockchain.

    And all you’ll do for it in the future? 🤞

  • @enjar

    Thank you for everything you have done. I hope you get a nice break now.

  • @drutter

    Yes, VERY quick update... What was your position? Must have sucked to see all your hard work burned and thrown away.

  • @paulag

    @roadscape, we could really do with your witness votes. I hate to have to ask, but I do hope you will consider it

  • @olaexcel

    It's well with you. Thanks you so much for everything 🙏💯💓🙏

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  • @gadrian

    You have done some amazing work for Steem! Thank you for that and for your position.

  • @ocupation

    Thanks for everything man, community have your back

  • @mrprofessor

    Can't even imagine what's going on behind the scenes at Steemit Inc., all I can is that it must've been hard to detach from something that must've been more then solely a job. My positivity towards you!

  • @isaria


  • @jaki01

    Thank you for your good work (I really like 'communities'). I wish you all the best for the future!

  • @chekohler

    It's really unfortunate to hear you had to choose between your job and your integrity. I don't think anyone should have to put through that decision. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Thanks for supporting steem to this far.

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  • @tamiil

    Just a thought, couldn't you guys start a new company that the community would vote into the top spot on the SPS? If we make it through ofc.

  • @apshamilton

    Respect! Your sacrifice is valued by the whole Steem community.

    Please vote your stake for the legitimate witnesses so we can take back Steem from the Sun tyranny.

  • @cryptictruth

    Thanks for sticking to your morals and everything you have done for the community. Help us take up arms and defend our castle.

  • @theycallmedan

    We thank you for your hard work Roadscape and the Steem community stands behind you. Immutable Communities would not be possible without you.

  • @mrgreen

    respect, dude

  • @justyy

    Lots of repsect. It must be a hard decision.

  • @vikisecrets

    Thx for your hard work and solidarity, wish we can keep you here maybe through SPS or some other solution.

  • @steevc

    Oh, this just gets worse. Justin has really misjudged what Steem is all about. I'll buy Steemit back off him for $1. Good luck to you in whatever you do and thanks for your service to Steem.

  • @randr10

    Are there any devs left at Steemit now?

  • @guruvaj

    All of us, planktons,minnows, orcas an whales of the steem blockchain salute you, support an sympathy will be yours from the community.

  • @ultratrain

    Hopefully life will settle down for you. Rest, regroup and come back stronger.

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  • @ervin-lemark

    Thank you very much for informing us.

    Many thanks for all your hard work.

    Ps: please, consider upvoting community witnesses.

  • @bdmillergallery

    I would like to express a sincere THANK YOU to you for going above and beyond in inspiring other members of our community. You are worth so much more than this token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication. Thanks again for setting yourself as a good example to others who hope to become an asset to the Steemit Community. You will surely be missed by all of us who appreciated your hard work and support 😊

  • @masterthematrix

    It would be great to see the Steemit.com devs working together under a new management team. I hope you guys are still eager to bring SMT to the Steem Blockchain.

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  • @jamzed

    Thank you @roadscape, it's good to see you on this side of Steem ;-)

  • @vimukthi

    Thank you for all the work you have done so far. Best of Luck!

  • @liondani

    It's not the end. It's the beginning. Thank you @roadscape

  • @michealb

    thanks for work on communities roadscape. starting to enjoy it

  • @isotonic

    Thanks man for all your work.

  • @soyrosa

    Thank you for ALL that you've done for Steem @roadscape - we're just getting used to Communities and now this happens. I'm proud of the decision you've made, I'm sad you've had to make it. I hope we'll meet again on the Steem, wherever that is, as long as it's with the right people. Cheers.

  • @bobskibob

    Good for you... you are too good for that shit show

  • @curatorcat

    Thank you for your many contributions! Sending good vibes your way.


  • @siambull

    I can understand very well

  • @tipsybosphorus

    😞 I hope he won't be out of a job for a long time. Thanks for your performance

  • @indigoocean

    Sorry you're leaving under these circumstances, but understood. May the road rise up to meet you.

  • @russia-btc

    The right step!

  • @lordneroo

    Thanks a lot for everything you have done.

  • @rmach

    Obviously everybody was expecting this... We don't like it but we understand. Thank you for your work. I hope your skills and drive can contribute to a better version of this community in the future.

  • @californiacrypto

    Thanks for supporting our community. Sucks you had to quit your job.

  • @quochuy

    Best of luck mate. Thanks for everything.

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Another one bites the death.

  • @ayijufridar

    How many of the best people at Steemit have left and how many more will disappear?

  • @kommienezuspadt

    Love you, man!🖤

  • @arynews213


  • @stoodkev

    Much respect for you Tim. I can only guess how hard it must be after your hard work. Hope we can take back our chain and fund you through SPS if you are still willing to work with us.

  • @anyx

    I know this must have been hard. I know first hand how hard you've worked on hivemind and everything else to bring communities to Steemit, and just after they go live... this. But your work is not unnoticed -- the community here cares deeply and I hope you know that. It's not over. Take some time to rest, you've earned it.

  • @firstamendment

    Welcome back to steem.

  • @roberto71

    Thank you for your good work and much success.

  • @zorank

    Will there be anyone left there at all?

  • @wakeupkitty

    Good luck. I hope you are happy. 💕

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  • @pemac

    Everybody seem to be resigning from Steemit Platform. Please can someone tell me what exactely is going on here because I have been away for sometime now!

  • @dubignyp

    Hello, why do many cases that I have helped people register on Steemit, never receive the access codes after registration? The message always says we will study, but there is never a follow-up. Do Steemit have any problems ?

  • @keltalas

    Cheers up, it's just the beginning, don't give up, thanks for ur activity!

  • @eirik

    Oh man.

  • @adeyemidrey

    I really appreciate your effort in making steem a better place to be. I know that decision is hard, i only hope it is for the best. Wish you best of luck in all your endeavor.

  • @janijani

    Amazing idea of the Post

  • @valerianis

    Do you consider a comeback?

  • @alexs1320

    Thank you very much from your valuable content, Sir!

    150 $ for 6 words, 25 $/Word


    5 $/character

    God bless you saving the community :D

    This is why I voted for Sun's witnesses

  • @realestatecoach

    thanks for letting us know. hope you find another project that becomes what you envisioned for Steem.

  • @macchiata

    Good luck on your next endeavor ! Respect to all of the things you did for the platform.

  • @bmanmcfly

    Strange how that happens. People try to protect the platform and now there's a stream of resignations. All of them with near carbon copy resignation posts.

    Nothing to see here, right?

  • @atma.love

    @roadscape. Thank you for all you have done for Steem, and for your honourable decision to resign from Steemit Inc.

    Please consider helping to develop the Matrix-8 Platform. This is a multi-level governance real time democrity, which could not only help Steem governance enormously, but also help to "save the world". More info here: https://steempeak.com/c/hive-153630/created

    Namaste Atma

  • @trendo.marketing

    Trendo projects will stand with human witnesses & with the community. $trdo

  • @brittandjosie

    I can imagine that suck big time, but I understand the decision and sending some strenght in these difficult times, i just want to say thanks for all you have done for the community

  • @akumagai

    Fuck off then

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  • @blockchainstudio

    Hi @roadscape, thank you and thanks for merging my PRs many times :) Hope you have a great next journey.

  • @crescendoofpeace

    Really sorry to see you go, @roadscape. Best of luck to you in all your endeavors going forward.

  • @xpilar

    Great respect for your decision

  • @ronaldoalex82

    Nice thx

  • @tongchat27


  • @rudyardcatling

    loser gets 160 dollars for making a one-liner

    wonders who's the loser lol

    nice job


    = lol

    the button that says buy more is out of order

    you must have failed somewhere in the decentralized part

    i hope justin sun fixes this soon

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