INVEN GAMING Community Second Week Curator Report

Hello, This is Team ROR. (INVEN Gaming community Curator) It's been the second week since we started our curator. In this process, we would like to thank everyone who joined our community (INVENGAMING) and posted articles.

There have been many changes in the INVEN Gaming community this week. Game postings have increased significantly, with over 200 subscribers. INVEN Gaming community is growing as a representative game community of STEEM blockchain. When we first started the project, we started with fewer than 10 members, but now we have over 200 members.

The INVEN Gaming community is voting on all posts related to the game and anyone can easily join. We are proficient in multiple languages and we want more people to participate.

We've announced about HIVE Cross-Posting, and you can check the announcement via the link below. STEEM INVEN Gaming Community Notice

Next week we plan to try a little change. Many people participate in the INVEN community and many postings are registered. However, I think the INVEN community lacks communication. So we plan to revitalize the communication for two weeks. Our team plans to set up a few themes and conduct events so that people can participate in various events.

Our team wants the INVEN Gaming community to grow into a more active community.

In our Weekly Report, we would like to share with you some articles published and voted in our community.

OST of the Day #58: Overcooked! - Menu Theme 👨‍🍳 Super Maro 64 for PC is a reality thanks to this port Let's Play - THE LONGING - A Game Review Half Life Alyx - Advanced Technology and a New World

This post is a good game posting chosen by our team and I recommend it to you.

If you have any suggestions, we ask you to write comments. Thank you.

INVEN Gaming Discord Channel:

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @pennsif

    Looking good.

  • @glory7

    Great work. Keep it up!

  • @steemcurator01

    You are doing great curation work.

  • @erifec

    Hello @roadofrich , Congratulations for your great work. And my opinions All community members'd better 1-follow all admins and mods. 2-follow each other. 3- vote for @roadofrich as a witness. It would be great to have a witness in top20. 4- make comment and communicate more (maybe most people are shy about commenting (me too), and I read that you plan to revitalize it) I have an idea for newcomers, Maybe there can be a collaboration with Steemhunt and Reviewhunt. For example reputation <40 or max. 1 month old etc. users can join a campaign on Reviewhunt and they can get 1 $ of Hunt Token for their first post on Inven Gaming Community. (Steemhunt may pay %50 of it, because these users will be able to be Steemhunt Hunter by these Hunt Tokens) It would be win-win-win for Steemhunt, Inven Gaming and new users. Best wishes.