INVEN GAMING Community First Week Curator Report

Hello, This is Team ROR. (INVEN Gaming community Curator) It's been a week since we started our curator. In this process, we would like to thank everyone who joined our community (INVENGAMING) and posted articles. We voted for every post published in our community for 1 week (we will continue to vote) We would love to see more original articles and distribute more rewards in our community.

Over a week, the INVEN Gaming community has over 100 community members and paid over $ 500 to 78 active authors.

The INVEN Gaming community is growing fast and is on the Trending Communities list.

In the INVEN Gaming community, there were game posts in various languages such as Korean, English, Turkish and Myanmar, and we checked all the posts and used Vote fairly.

In our Weekly Report, we would like to share with you some articles published and voted in our community.

[Clearing The Backlog | Review] Manual Samuel

The beginning of a revolution in fighting games | Super Smash Bros | Retro Gaming Review 🎮

Ror Game စတင္ကစားပါမည္

Legends of Runeterra! Issue #5!

Let's Play - Curse of the Dead Gods - A Game Review

2020 LCK Spring과 승강전

[Persona Social Links, Major Arcana & Symbolism] Arcana II: The Priestess

Yggdrasil - the World Tree | My journey in God of War (PS4)

Back to [Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links] Buying Packs, Odion Unlock Missions & Téa vs Mai

Jörmungandr, the worlds serpent | Norse mythology | My journey in God of War (PS4) [ENG][ESP]

This post is a good game posting chosen by our team and I recommend it to you.

The number of people joining our community is increasing day by day. We plan to hold events in the coming days. If you have any suggestions, we ask you to write comments.


INVEN Gaming Discord Channel:

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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    hi @roadofrich

    You're doing great job so far guys. Just one small suggestion. Perhaps it is worth to share link to your community on Steemit within your publications?

    Cheers Piotr

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    Great work!

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    Excellent, congratulations on this first report. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi @roadofrich, one week is passed and a lot of work has been done by your curation project, The world of gamer is fascinating, our son is also one of the fan of different computer games don't ask me what kind of as I have no idea. But while playing he now himself writing simple programs and willing to study computer science, which is other side of medal. I hope with such support of game community you will encourage some of them to fulfill their dreams too :) Wishing you more energy to go through next three week!

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    You are doing great work with the curation.

    Thank you for this report.

    The Steemit Team

  • @armylove

    Hello @roadofrich , Congratulations for your great work. I joined Inven Gamin a few days ago and I am happy to read different posts about different games. Did you re-apply for June as a curator? I hope you did. Steemit needs curators like you.Thanks.