Application for the Community Curators: INVEN Gaming community, New challenge


The INVEN Gaming community is a representative game community of STEEM blockchain that was selected as a community curator in May and supported 500K SP. When we first started the project, we started with fewer than 10 members, but now we have over 200 members. The INVEN Gaming community is growing fast and is registered with Steemit Trending Communities. Our INVEN Gaming team supports English, Korean, Turkish and Italian languages.So we can communicate with national community members. Our team plans to support more languages as the project continues.

[ROR Universe Team]

There will be news of the ROR Universe game in May and June. Our team is in close consultation with the exchange and plans to promote RORGAME. RORGAME had over 6000 subscribers in the BETA test. And it is expected that more than 10,000 members will join through this pre-open beta test. The Road of Rich game has completed several main features, and the chat system and quest system will be tested in May. All games in ROR Universe are covered with a reward system, which makes it a very good system to attract new subscribers. When the game is completed and becomes a full service, the INVEN Gaming community will be able to grow significantly.

[Plan for new subscribers]

If the INVEN Gaming community is selected as a curator in June, we plan to start marketing. First, the INVEN Gaming community plans to create a Vote fund for marketing activities. The INVEN Gaming marketing fund is used only for marketing activities and if the project is suspended, the remaining STEEM will burn 100%.(@null) The marketing fund plans to raise funds through community voting once a day. We are planning marketing activities through platforms such as Twitter, blog, YouTube, and review hunt. In May, the INVEN Gaming community became STEEM's flagship gaming community. In June, we plan to increase more new members through marketing activities.

[Curator activity in May]


First of all, We are happy to be one of the first curators of the project. New people continue to join our community which we started with few people. Users who stopped writing started to write again. The biggest example of these is Turkish users. We reached more than 200 users in a short time. We rewarded all the users who wrote in our community since the first day we became the curator.

INVEN GAMING Community First Week Curator Report STEEM INVEN Gaming Community Notice - HIVE cross posting INVEN GAMING Community Second Week Curator Report

INVEN Gaming Community May Curator Application

[Team Members ]

ROR Universe Team(@roadofrich), @mickvir, @morning

ROR Official Discord channel: ROR Official Homepage: Official Kakao talk channel: ROR Official Youtube channel :

RORGAME Beta Service Road of Rich Alpha Service

The INVEN Gaming community is run by the STEEM Witness @roadofrich team. Vote for @roadofrich witness

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  • @r1s2g3

    I support the application. I think you have done the nice job. There is one more reason for supporting INVEN because INVEN is the only "gaming" community left in steemit. Rest gaming communities are defunct or moved to hive. It is necessary to support INVEN and help it flourish so that gaming community can remain part of steem ecosystem.

  • @ufukun

    Merhaba, Öncelikle böyle bir topluluk için tebrik eder, başarılarınızın devamını dilerim. Daha önce Steemit'te İngilizce harici postlar değerlendirilmediği için ben ve benim gibi bir çok kişi uzaklaşmıştı. Topluluğunuzda Korece, Türkçe, İtalyanca gibi değişik dillerin desteklenmesi de çok güzel. Ve böylece İngilizce yazmayan hem eski hem de yeni bir çok oyun severin bu platforma döneceğini düşünüyorum. İlgimi çeken bütün postları Google Translate ile okuyorum. Projenizde başarılarınızın devamını dilerim. Saygılarımla. I translate this comment with google translate, I apologize if I have errors. Hello there, First of all, I congratulate you for such a community and wish you continued success. Many people, like me and me, had moved away because no posts outside of English were evaluated at Steemit. It is good to support many languages ​​such Korean, Turkish and Italian in your community. And so I think many old and new gamers who do not write in English will return to this platform. I read all the posts that interest me with Google Translate. I wish you continued success in your project. Best regards

  • @steemcurator01

    Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

    Look out for more news coming shortly.

    The Steemit Team

  • @ecoinstar

    I am quite interested in the success of this project and community!

  • @yameen

    Great work Inven gaming. It is one of my lovely community and I am member of it from the very early day. Best wishes for your success.

  • @erifec

    This is my favorite community. I read all game posts and upvote them. Thanks.

  • @cat-walk

    I joined your community 2 days ago. This is a great community for all gamers. Thanks for your support.

  • @mamanovasim

    We reached more than 200 users in a short time. We rewarded all the users who wrote in our community since the first day we became the curator.

    It's true and congratulation to team for completing this milestone. And yes i am proud to be a member of inven gaming community that support every original game content creator. keep thriving. ☻