How Much Would You Pay for A Natural Deodorant That Works?

Making your own deodorant is fun, and I've been enjoying it so much that I've been giving a few tins away to friends to see what they think of it. One is a Bikram yoga teacher, and if you know anything about Bikram, it's conducted in a 40 plus degree room with high humidity. One sweats buckets in a Bikram room. She has been buying a natural deodorant sold in Australia which costs about $20 in the stores. I gave her a tin to play with in return for a good deal she gave me on a membership. Now her partner wants some, and is happy to pay. I don't know what the legality is of selling cosmetics is yet but since it's a friend to a friend deal, I feel okay about that. But how much could I charge?? What would be fair?

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This afternoon I've been weighing up my ingredients and making a spread sheet which lists the price of all ingredients and then divides each item by grams. I then melted and weighed the coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax separately, pouring it back into my cup measurement to get a more accurate weight, given that chucks of butter and wax in a cup usually has a lot of space between it, so I wasn't getting an exact measurement each time.

I also figured in the price of the tins. Each tin ended up with approximately 35 g of deodorant, 7 tins in total per small batch I was making. Turns out the end price is around 2.25 per tin, so if I multiplied that by 3 or 4, I'd end up with a tenner per tin -- around 6.67 USD at current prices.

Would you be happy to pay $10 for a homemade, natural deodorant that works? I gave it to another yogi friend a week ago, and when I asked her if she'd pay a tenner for it (I'd given her a test tin for free) she messaged back:


Remember, a tin of this stuff lasts far longer than a store bought deodorant too AND isn't full of dangerous parabens. It passes the smell test from my hubby too, who is really fussy about smells. In fact, he liked it so much he wondered if he could just smear it over his Landrover to make it smell nicer. You do you, honey.

Do you make or sell your own deodorant?

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  • @abh12345

    Mine's 1.50, a Dove roll-on, and lasts a few months. I would pay double if I could find one that did the same job - many others have tried and failed and it's not good when they don't work!

  • @mrhill

    We make deodorant at home but we use vodka, cider vinegar and essential oil(s).

  • @skramatters

    I paid 15rm for mine.. So less than 4 bucks n it lasts 4 months on the equator.. It's all natural mineral salts.. That's it..

  • @delishtreats

    I usually pay 8 EUR for mine. It's natural and carries all those fancy names such as vegan, cruelty free, and many other 'free' things :D I would pay 10 or even more if I'd know that it would work for my sensitive skin. I once had a home made deo from a friend and it wasn't good as it made my skin too dry and kind of flaky.

    PS: I wouldn't use a deo with beeswax in this since I don't use any animal products.

  • @goldenoakfarm

    Sounds a reasonable price to me! Glad its done so well for the others who have tried it. :))

  • @angryman

    Hi @RiverFlows … My opinion is that a $10. (retail) price tag for your product, is not unreasonable; especially within the Natural/Organic 'Specialty Boutique' type marketing platform.

    Yet...I think your target price of $6. or so would move more product. Personally, I'd pay six bucks for a BO reduction product, but not ten - if I needed it. Fortunately I rarely stink and sweat very minimally unless in an enclosed, and overly heated environment (like an old fashion gym)

    Maybe that's related to my ancient East Asian and Martian heritage :>)

  • @nateonsteemit

    Lol tell J to put essential oils in the seats of the LR so every time he sits down, there's a waft of smelly stuff that isnt farts.

  • @moderndayhippie

    I have tried countless natural deodorants over the past 3 years and have yet to find one that actually works well! I am always down to try a new one, especially since normal deodorants have so many terrible chemicals in them so I often just go without.. Id definitely be willing to pay the $6.65 USD for something that works and is natural. ;)

  • @wnfdiary

    For the the winter I'm using the stone deodorant (about 3€) while for the rest of the time when sweating is on the agenda I go for the DIY baking soda deodorant which is even cheaper. It works perfectly, actually when I'll finish the stone I'll stick with my sinple baking soda deodorant. About the price... considering the essential oils, time and the rest of the stuff you have a fair price especially if it is for more that two months. Then again if you think about the rubish we buy and get nothing in return, so for health and odor free life 10$ is nothing. 😁

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  • @luegenbaron

    how do you make your own natural deodorant? :) have you already posted a tutorial? ^^

  • @naturalmedicine

    @porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - I use to use the salt crystal one and it worked for me but I haven't used any deodorant for quite some time and have not had issues with BO except ,as Angryman said, I'm in an over heated enclosed space. Glad you are getting good reviews on it!

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  • @joseeb

    I buy natural deodorant. If I was closer I would definitely buy the deodorant that you make.

  • @trucklife-family

    I have never made my own. I just use lemons as you know but sometimes I do need something else. 10 dollars is a great price, for sure, can't wait to get to test it out xxx

  • @fenngen

    Just go for the middle between 10 and 6.67 so you don't scare potential customers but still make a profit ;) Personally I don't pay anything for deodorants, just wait to get smelly enough so that somebody feels the urgency to gift me one :D


  • @solsticefoods

    I've been making my own deodorant for the past 7 years and I love it! It lasts so long and ends up being cheaper than conventional, store bought deodorants at times. I'm so glad not to be putting aluminum and funky chemicals in my armpits any more - they are such a sensitive/absorb-able area that contain many lymph nodes.

    I believe that's a fair price :)

  • @vincentnijman

    I would definitely pay around 10 dollars, for the love that's been put in it and the naturalness. Plus I don't use much deodorant at all so it's easily worth the investment.

  • @chillednbaked

    Hi @riverflows. I've been on the fence about making a natural deodorant and this post has tipped me over the edge. I'm going to have a go!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I'll let you know how it goes when I've done some more research.

  • @gibber

    I use baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, beeswax and a little teatree oil... put in the micro wave for about 30 secs, stir it up and pour into an empty old roll-on container... let it cool and done ;9)