Here's How I Failed Steem This Weekend

Far out. Sometimes I spend more time on Steem than breathing.

  • Wrote a post for #fruitsandveggiesmonday
  • Accidentally resteemed a heap of #naturalmedicine content to my own account
  • Resteemed a heap of #naturalmedicine content to my account
  • Spent a lot of time in Discord
  • Tweeted some stuff on the Natural Medicine twitter account, retweeted and liked Natural Medicine content
  • Curated for Natural Medicine and own account
  • Powered up Natural Medicine
  • Powered up Riverflows
  • Organised tokens on Steem Engine
  • Wrote a contest wrap up post for Natural Medicine
  • Wrote a post for Natural Medicine about writing good content
  • Looked for a good image as my thumbnail to be great clickbait and inspiring, and only came up with this shitty cartoon, and decided not to source the image in a blatant act of defiance and screw you-ness.
  • Half wrote a post about sending good content to trending and promply lost it, gave up
  • Nearly rage quit Steem
  • Wondered if #steemfails was a thing
  • Made a decision to have a month off Steeming whilst in India
  • Tried to figure out how @tipu worked, failed
  • Checked out trending, felt good to see a bit more variety there
  • Stalked people and hassled them to use #lotusstore, trying to connect people who sell wellness products on Steem
  • Read some great posts
  • Wanted to include a gif of a rat creature showering coz omg cute, but realised it was likely animal cruelty as the poor bastard tried to get soap off his fur
  • Had twenty ideas for posts float around my head, and realised my tendonitis is too bad to write anything at length
  • Tried to ergonomically set up my Steem workspace, failed, thought about not steeming for a few days to give it a chance to heal, failed
  • Tried to reply to all messages, failed
  • Despaired over the app situation on Steem
  • Thought about how to onboard people with tempting posts on Twitter
  • Loosely linked this post to potatoes, coz spud day was 2 days ago and I wanted to use the tag. Googled 'potato australia cartoon' to loosely link it to #teamaustralia tag, and came up with this which I also didn't source.
  • Realised I hadn't looked at steemprice in ages and wondered if I cared. Didn't get around to looking at steemprice
  • Looked at front end, updated notices
  • Figured out how to promote a post on Steempeak, promoted a post for @naturalmedicine. That was easy.
  • Quietly begged @jarvie to let me in to see how to test communities in Steempeak, lost the message as it just wouldn't load like the big fat bastard Steem can sometimes be. Am I jinxed?
  • Dreamt that I real life met someone on Steem. He was a weird dude.
  • Chatted to @plantstoplanks and @nickyhavey and got excited about @yourtop3, resulting in my scrolling through 1678 Facebook photos to find the exact right picture for a theme I was guessing, and could be wrong about
  • Wanted to write a post on climate change, did some research, got bored, and my elbow hurt
  • Wished I'd numbered this list and could figure out a clickbait title
  • Got excited I got a @blocktrades vote - so rare
  • Wrote this shit post.
  • Published this shit post and forgot to use the #spud tag, so I edited it. Plus added this bullet point. I might even add more during the day.

What did you do on Steem this weekend?

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  • @anggreklestari

    Sometimes I spend more time on Steem than breathing.

    Me too. :)

    I just want to say, have a great weekend for you.

    My days just ordinary but still grateful for everything

  • @braveboat

    hahaha So refreshing to see a silly post on Steemit!


    PS: If you ever figure out how to use @tipu, be sure to write a post about it. πŸ˜‰

  • @zeleiracordero

    You got a smile out of me. How good you are to create something attractive out of a not-so-good day when nothing came out. May your weekend get better. Greetings, buddy!

  • @nateonsteemit

    Yeah, that's too much work. Beer and chill! Rule number one: don't work. Fuck work. 🀣

  • @artemislives

    Haha... you're funny. I'm diagnosing #steemfatigue and challenging you to take ONE WHOLE WEEK AWAY FROM IT. Completely. Good for the soul.

    It's not a religion.... LOL... it's a tech platform, is all.

    Get out into the garden and do some LIFING.

    Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
    Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

    Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.


  • @metametheus


  • @angryman

    What did you do on Steem this weekend?

    I'm still doing it... :>) Whatever it is that I'm doing...???

  • @skramatters

    Tell us more about the weirdo!?!

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  • @jarvie

    SteemPeak link sent on discord

  • @whatamidoing

    Why ragequit!?!?

  • @goldenoakfarm

    I made no posts this weekend. I've just been paying bills/doing the budget and my husband has been puttering on the house but nothing to photograph really. So no posts, just read my feed and commented. And powered up, that's it.

  • @nickyhavey

    Yea to be fair you have been slacking πŸ˜‚ which moron said that? Sounds like you've done more on steem this weekend than most have in the last month!

    Glad we got you excited about top 3, I'm sure there will be some interesting stories coming out of this one!

    Take it easy but try and do a bit more next weekend hey? 😜

  • @porters

    Wowzer! You go girl! I think a break is called for after your busy weekend! Fails what's that - all just steps in learning or mastering this Steem thing! Will that ever happen? Will we master it! You've definitely put in your 10,000 hours which is toted as what is needed to master something! Thanks for the chuckle and keep steeming on - fails and all with breaks intermittently!

  • @vincentnijman

    This was a fun read and I even liked the unsourced images ( won't tell anyone ).

    Knowing you, I bet you probably manage to make a list of groceries look pretty ;>)