150 Untamed Booster Packs Opening

Hi Splinterlands Warriors!!

I have been meaning to post about my Booster packs openings but I always forget to take a screenshot or just feel lazy. But this time I remembered. 😁

DEC price has been very low and with the price surge of STEEM, its even lower than when I bought most of these packs. I have bought the first 110 packs from https://monstermarket.io using 200,000 DEC which cost me 470 STEEMP. The rest of them are bought from our MM Shop (https://monstermarket.io/shop) at 1650 DEC each. Yeah cheap, and right now it is even cheaper. :D

I love to open the single pack at a time, yeah I love the excitement opening turning each card. Let's see some highlights of the opening...

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 15-44-56.png

Yeah, a Gold Magnor, the crown jewel of this opening. 😁

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 15-35-59.png

Double Legendary and I loved it!

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 15-46-57.png

A rare Summoner, an Epic, a Common Gold, and Epic Gold. This pack had a lot to offer.

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 17-36-43.png

A Legendary Dark Ha'on, one of my favorite Untamed legendaries, and an epic gold. :)

Screenshot from 2020-03-19 18-33-16.png

Legendary summoner Camila Sungazer has been eluding me for weeks now. But I got her twice in the last 150 packs. :D

Screenshot from 2020-03-19 18-39-45.png

Gold Shieldbearer has given Camila run for her money in rareness in my openings. This is my first one in 600+ Untamed packs.

I have got a gold Epic Coral Wraith too but forgot to take a screenshot. 😂

Lets see some numbers...


150216.883669.972197.366621263.248124400 ($43.378)

Potions Used

POTIONS PRICE36500 DEC ($12.728)29200 DEC ($10.182)

Cards Distribution

REGULAR502 (66.93%)173 (23.07%)25 (3.33%)13 (1.73%)
GOLD22 (2.93%)10 (1.33%)4 (0.53%)1 (0.13%)
TOTAL524 (69.87%)183 (24.40%)29 (3.87%)14 (1.87%)

I am very happy with the opening, at the same time a bit sad too. I am yet to unfold a Mimosa Nightshade from packs. But I'll keep opening until I get her :D


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