Retiring my Steem Witness

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It has been two years and two weeks that I have started my Steem Witness node. It has been a fun experience getting from being invisible to reaching the top 50!

It is sad that things have been coming to this state but it is what it is.

I have now retired my Steem Witness node, you can now remove your vote for my witness.

See you where the bees are hanging.

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  • @nzl19500

    Will you leave Steemit?

  • @nickyhavey

    I guess steem will hit the reset switch now hey...

  • @soyrosa

    Voted for your Hive witness yesterday <3 Good luck!

  • @liondani

    See you where the bees are hanging.

  • @denmarkguy

    Thank you for your work and contributions to Steem @quochuy! Much success with your plans ahead.