Macro-photography in the garden

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After being sick 50% of my holidays with the family in Vietnam, I got back home in Australia and started working both for my day job, contributing to Steemit Condenser adding features and fixing small bugs and chatting with other Steemians regarding the TRON/Steemit events and Soft Fork 0.22.2 which I'm not running by the way although I understand and respect the decision made by the majority of the Top 20 Witnesses.

I needed a little bit of distraction and relaxation so I went in the garden to play with my iPhone 8 Plus and the Olloclip Macro Pro Lens Set. Even if your backyard is full of herbs and other edible plants, there are many photographic opportunities if you bother looking around.

Raindrop on a Wood Sorrel leaf

Raindrop on a Wood Sorrel leaf A simple raindrop through a macro lens can make a beautiful photograph. You need to get close enough to fill the frame and isolate the drop from any distracting element. The narrow depth of field helps a lot here.

Chive flowers

Chive flowers Many of our herbs plants have tiny flowers that look really nice if you look closer. They might require more magnification which creates some challenges due to reducing the depth of field: it's more difficult to get things sharp when hand holding the camera.


Elderflowers Elderflowers are cute too but it was also very challenging because of the breeze that kept shaking the branch and I had to wait for the right moment and take multiple shots until I was happy.

Wood Sorrel flowers

Wood Sorrel flowers

Wood Sorrel flowers I love purple flowers because they create a color contrast with the green leaves. Wood Sorrel have very delicate flowers with some quite nice texture which I've failed to capture in this photograph. The iPhone 8 Plus camera has its limits.

Cherry tomatoes

Tomato flowers

Cherry tomatoes Even the the tomato plants are great candidates. With their fruits that goes from green, orange and red and their lovely little yellow flowers, they are very colorful.

Dog Bane flowers

Dog Bane flowers

Dog Bane flowers

Dog Bane flowers Dog Bane have really lovely clusters of flowers that gradually bloom. A closer look at them reveal more of their beauty. I'm impress that although it's just an iPhone camera, you can still capture a lot of details, see the little hairs on the flowers.

Dark Purple Aeonium Succulent

IMG_4583.jpg These succulent have amazing look. Young leaves in the middle are green with purple tips and as they grow up they become purple. This is a close up shot of the center.

Comfrey flowers

Comfrey flowers Another plant with purple(ish) flowers is the famous comfrey that is not only great for your garden as chop and drop mulch but also for your back pain in the form of a salve. The flowers are grouped into curly clusters.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking and editing them.

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  • The image at the top has been generated with the Canva app using my own photo.
  • The photos in this post have been edited with the Snapseed iPhone app

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  • @chireerocks

    @quochuy, In my opinion it's not reflecting as a Rain Drop 💧 for sure, in a way it's reflecting as a beautiful Gem 💎 which is sitting on the Greeny Feathery Land. Stay blessed.

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  • @d-pend

    Some seriously divine shots here @quochuy! I find it amazing that the closer you get into natural structures, the more you are able to see those intricate and complex fractal-patterns in which they grow. Favorite shots here were the raindrop, the chive flowers, and the first wood sorrel picture.

  • @miroslavrc

    You've done great job, I like your composition.

  • @mmoriarty

    Nature is amazing! Very good job!

  • @majkytop


  • @christopherb

    This is amazing! I was really captivated by the brutality of the images. Big!

  • @cihangecgel

    the details are going pretty well

  • @sultan-aceh

    Hai @quochuy

    glad to see the appearance of your #macro images by using camera lenses plus additional lenses, by producing perfect and clear images

    thank you

  • @trucklife-family

    these are beautiful, nothing beats nature when it comes to seeking out time for relaxation and connection. xx

  • @crosheille

    I had to look twice to make sure you said iPhone! I am very amazed that the quality of these iPhone photos are as the quality I get when I take photos with my DSLR. Honestly I haven’t taken any macros this great of quality. Macros are so challenging to capture but worth the wait of the snap :)

    It’s good you were able to take some relaxation time and enjoy the beauty of your garden. I really enjoyed these photos, very beautiful shots. That first shot of the Dog Bane is if I were standing there.

    Thanks for sharing ~

  • @ryivhnn

    Ooh wow some really nice shots!

    I hear you on the breezes, I remember trying really, really hard to take some photos of some tiny flowers we found on one of our walks, was just using my phone camera and ended up getting a child to hold the branch still and others to provide wind shields so all I had to do was force the phone camera to not back focus XD

    I think the succulent one is my favourite (and a hard fought one for a favourite it was too XD)

    Unfortunate you were sick for so much of your holiday, you are all better now though right?
  • @steempencil

    very very beautiful photography...

  • @eii

    Beautiful photographs.


  • @beerlover

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  • @nanatam

    Very ,very beautiful flowers!

  • @elparsie

    Amazing photo's... I learn more about photography.

  • @jahangirayaz


  • @sher-khan