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This post is a response for recent contest: Community of the Week organized by @pennsif, with 10k SP delegation being a main prize.

Main goal of this contest is to present project.hope HIVE/community to wider audience and to address following questions:

Presentation of the Community (description, rules etc)

How the Community is promoting itself within Steem

How the Community is promoting itself OUTSIDE of Steem to attract new people to join Steem and their Community.

Today I would like to introduce you to our HIVE. It's a community of people sharing similar interests, values and goals. Build by several like-minded users, who understand that working as a team can get us far. Users who have been carefully selected and invited to be part of our team.

So without futher ado, allow me to present PROJECT HOPE HIVE. (catchy name, right?).


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We've been around for quite sometime already and topics we cover are mostly related to:

  • technology,
  • steem,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • machine learning,
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing, social media, psychology etc

At the bottom of this post I will include links to our website, our detailed introduction to core team and also publication explaining how are we organized (our economy).

Our goal is to support mostly already EXISTING users, with has proven some sort of track of activity and strong engagement with other steem users. As much as we do appreciate quality content - we believe that it's simply not enough and we focus on upvoting publications of those, who are supportive towards other authors posting within project.hope community. We prioritize content creators, who are willing to invest their own time also to engage with others.


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It's time to answer @pennsif questions: how do we promote ourself within Steem and how do we plan to attract new people to join Steem?

Our project is focusing on supporting current users, who create quality content (related to topics mentioned above) and who struggle with lack of engagement and little to zero rewards. Onboarding new users isn't our priority for us as we believe that it's crutial to ensure that already existing userbase will not continue shrinking.

At the same time - in the nearest future - we're planning to ONBOARDING NEW BUSINESSES to steem blockchain and support current projects already build on top of our chain.

Onboarding new businesses

I've already managed to introduce steem blockchain to couple of businesses and I'm constantly learning how to attract business owners to get involved. Currently my long term goal is to create start-up, which would offer beta-testing, marketing and community building services for those businesses, which have something to do with blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

Supporting current and existing projects

Currently we're discussing options of collaborating with 2 different small teams of developers, who are planning to launch their games on steem blockchain. Our idea is to promote those games with ref-links. Not as a single individual affiliate marketer, but as entire well coordinated team. Team capable of building strong and active community around promoted project.

Lately we've managed to bring total over 150users to @holybread and we consider it just a "warm up". I believe that profits coming from ref-link programs (affiliate marketing) would allow our project grow even bigger.

This is exactly how we're planning to bring value into steem and attract serious businesses to our blockchain.


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Do you like our efforts and what we're trying to achieve? Would you agree that our actions can bring value to steem blockchain and are worth your support? Or perhaps you're busy and you don't have time to carry on with daily manual curation ?

If any of those answers is YES, then consider delegating some of your steem power to @project.hope and ENJOY 100% CURATION REWARDS being paid on weekly basis.

You can find more details here.

RESTEEM if you support our efforts :)

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There is one more way to support our efforts. Resteem this post to help us reach out to wider audience. I would greately appreciate it.

Yours, @crypto.piotr

Our hive:
Discord server:
Additional linksProject.hope economy (how are we organized):
.Our team:
.Passive income for delegators:

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  • @yonnathang

    They're doing a great job @project.hope.

    For me it has been a learning and growing experience from the moment I was invited to join you.

    For now I am trying to increase my frequency of participation.

    All that remains is to invite all those users who are passionate about these topics to come to the team, they will surely have a satisfactory response.

    Thank you team!

  • @kebieri123

    Projecthope has been a blessing to so many people around the steemit blockchain. The experience on here has been awesome. I will ensure that i support the project more than ever before

  • @juanmolina

    Appreciated @crypto.piotr:

    Do not forget to put the link of this publication in the comments section of the contest by @pennsif.

  • @henry-9ja

    Great work @crypto.piotr

  • @lanzjoseg

    It's a great honor for me to be part of this team. Thank you for this great opportunity you gave me, my friend Piotr, To belong to this project and to grow little by little in all the senses of learning is a great journey of opportunities.

    I know that several of us who are from the beginning within the project share my words.

    And more so to all of us who are somehow also linked to the project because they share with us the passion for the topics you describe...

    Greetings to everyone who is supporting this great project.


  • @reinaldoverdu

    Dear Piotr

    It is a great project and a great idea, I know, I have received and I continue to support this great initiative of @ crypto.piotr. It is a community with very interesting and entertaining publications, I recommend reading its contents because they are very good. It is a pleasure to be part of this team.

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  • @ganjafarmer

    I'll have to get on steem auto and put some more accounts on the project hope curation trail. Nice work!

    Posted via | The City of Neoxian

  • @achim03

    I was lucky to be with this great project from the very beginning. When the future of steem seemed bleak, this community helped me to keep going on steem. I know many people in this community for many months and I've become good friends with many of them. @project.hope is what keeps us together. Thanks to everybodys ongoing efforts our community is becoming a major player on this blockchain and I believe that we all want to collaborate to develop it even further. Not only does this community help us develop on steem but it enables some of our friends to build a real living within countries that face a difficult economical situation.

    Why @project.hope is so special:

    • it gives an audience to talented authors
    • it helps to discover quality content in order to curate it
    • it provides a way to delegate SP for a nice return
    • it supports real people from Venezuela to live a more dignified life

    I'm happy and proud to be part of @project.hope


  • @machnbirdsparo

    I've been with Project Hope off and on from the beginning. Known Peter for much longer. On Steemit a few years.

    I must say that this community has been consistent and grown in advancement of it core principles. I see us continuing in our message and even better things on the horizon.

  • @jadams2k18

    Steemit has given me the opportunity to meet my great and dear friend, Piotr, for two years now. He is an entrepreneur, adventurous, innovative person, who has a lot of vision and has created this project called Hope, when it is most needed, not only for helping in the situation we (Venezuelans) live in our country but also at this time that Steemit has declined, this project gives an opportunity for many to make themselves be known and publicize the excellent material that they post and thus is able to bring back life to this social network called Steemit.

    I invite you all to join Project.Hope community and become more interested in expanding your knowledge of blockchain technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as they are the fundamental basis for the new financial system of the world that is being born and will become the economic system of the future.

    And in the words of my friend @achim03:

    I'm happy and proud to be part of @project.hope

  • @xpilar

    There are many great communities here and one of them is the PROJECT.HOPE Community. The work PROJECT.HOPE has put in and the support they give to many gives me pleasure. There are probably many who agree with me on that. I am happy to support PROJECT.HOPE

  • @sumit1998

    Hope we will win this challenge and go ahead with more success in the coming future

  • @alokkumar121

    Project.hope is one of the Communities on Steem who are growing rapidly. Within this short span of time we have come a long way however we still have long way to go. Hope to win. Great work @crypto.piotr

  • @alokkumar121

    Project.hope is one of the Communities on Steem who are growing rapidly. Within this short span of time we have come a long way however we still have long way to go. Hope to win. Great work @crypto.piotr

  • @majes.tytyty

    ProjectHope was the very first actual "community" I became engaged with on Steemit. Owing primarily to the great work and leadership of @crypto.piotr, PHope was grown into a vibrant group that is continuing to evolve and which is having a great impact on Steemit.

    Keep it up!

  • @fucho80

    Hi @project.hope.

    We are in the presence of a large community, with many strengths, Project Hope is composed of people who perfectly understand the definition of commitment, where we all strive to support each other.

    I think he deserves to win!

  • @cyberspacegod

    Dear @Crypto.Piotr / @Project.HOPE,

    I'm not that well at the moment, still, it warms my heart to see this amazing project and all the effort You have been putting into it growing and coming to fruition.

    Beside that, if it wasn't for this I wouldn't have met You and a few other 'missing' brothers (at least online), even with me not being the most sociable human lately and for a while now, I must say that I've learned a few things from You and all the members of the core team of the project, all amazing humans that deserve all the best, also was very cool to see the artwork made by @Sawcraz.Art on @LanzJoseG post about the team =))

    With much that could be said, yet, I'll let other Steemians get to know and discover by themselves how amazing everyone behind Project HOPE are ;)

    All the best,

  • @pedrobrito2004

    Certainly, when I started on the blockchain of steeem, I was very much on my own and without further guidance, months later and when I was already well disoriented on how to move forward, I got a link for a memo that invited me to review a post on a technological issue in which I had already shown interest, from there I began to be in relation to the content creators of the @project.hope

    The colleagues took the job of guiding me to work in the best possible way in this network, they gave me support and advice when I needed it and allowed me to feel that it was really a social network, that is, a place where users share content and they also interact with each other and between the contents they generate, forming a sense of group and allowing to make known what is done to people who share the same interests.

    I have already shared a good time with the group, which I have enjoyed a lot :) When there have been changes and innovations, these people have been with whom I have discussed and commented on my concerns and my desires for better opportunities to create and share, in All the cases I remember the response have been positive and focused on fulfilling the name of the project: Hope

    Last year I was worried about the fall of members that already other users marked as very remarkable since 2018, that was not favorable, so I understand that the Project focuses on the consolidation of existing users and the creation of the sense of belonging, in order to generate the link (both subjective and emotional as the objective or content dissemination) that would keep the participants and motivate them to continue generating content, comments and interactions.

    This does not deny that each member of the group disseminates, outside this network, their opinions and invitations for their acquaintances, family, students, neighbors and all people who could contribute new content and increase the number of participants, which as I recall was 1.3 million of active accounts in the Steem blockchain

  • @culgin

    Certainly worth a resteem. @project.hope is by far the community which has showed me the most warmth and support.

    I too believe that Steem is a useful platform for businesses. Though we are still far from mass onboarding of businesses, we should still start somewhere and @project.hope is probably the best place to start.

  • @ganjafarmer

    Back on steemit and able to comment! Here is a vote and can't wait to throw bore support behind this. Thanks! Keep growing!

  • @barvon

    For me, this community or "Project.Hope" really helps who has quality content and stays original, it also helps steem blockchain to be more easily recognized by people out there.

  • @ritxi

    Nice initiative, I hope many communities will compete. I like that kind of competitions. Let us hope for project hope to win.

  • @gbenga

    You never know how amazing a project is until you start having personal testimony from people. @crypto.piotr you are a champ.

  • @honarparvar

    thanks for all efforts, and for broadening the subjects :) resteemed and upvoted

  • @arthur.grafo4


  • @lighteye

    Thank God a community without a massive list of Terms&Conditions :)

  • @guruvaj

    I am a supporter of @project.hope I am from the Philippines. I believe in the efforts of this group. Join us to help more people in onboarding on the steem blockchain.og2g55.jpg

  • @thetimetravelerz

    good to see the community taking this shape. Everything is getting into place and our community getting more active Good luck to our community and the team Cheers buddy @crypto.piotr @project.hope

  • @tomlee

    I'm very pleased to be a part of this community. More impressing is what the community has been able to achieve both on the platform and off the platform within a very short period of time.

    I am certain that in the long run we will achieve more collectively. Let's continue to stick to the vision and the purpose of the community. I would recommend this community to anyone to be a part of.

    Cheers to more achievements!

  • @nicholas83

    @crypto.piotr is one of the first persons I met on this platform. And he has been a very consistent contributor, which is more than I can say for myself. I feel honored to be a part of this community, @crypto.piotr is doing a wonderful job, and this initiative has renewed my engagement with this platform. Thanks a million.

  • @dappuser

    Thanks that the team of @project.hope is creating and supporting the developing of such kind of project. Well done !!! :) You have my support now and for the future. I will support all of you with everything I can. I would like also to be part and to develop this project @project.hope. Wish you success !

  • @urchannel1

    I have upvoted. I have not resteemed as I dont have balance in my account. Also I am not sure whether this project really pays me or not

  • @wongbraling

    Very briliant project, and that is very interesting. Keep n Grow bigger and bigger to Project.Hope 😀 I think build strong community with goal and full of effort must be implementation. Success for project.hope thank you to supporting little steemian to be big fish ;)

  • @afril

    Support 100% Love @project.hope

  • @hardaeborla

    @project.hope is actually one of the best hive communities on the steem blockchain as they support and promote quality content on Steemit. I very happy about the impact of @project.hope when it comes to developing and increasing the number of quality content writers and content creators in the steem blockchain. This simply shows that this hive community is really doing a great job in the steem blockchain.

    Currently we're discussing options of collaborating with 2 different small teams of developers, who are planning to launch their games on steem blockchain.

    Wow! This is gonna be very nice for game lovers like me. I was even thinking @project.hope supported @taverngames because that's also one of the best games most Steemit users won't want to miss.

    @crypto.piotr there are more positive impacts and activities done by @project.hope in developing the steem blockchain most especially when it comes to supporting content creators, supporting project built on the steem blockchain, inviting more people to Steem and many others. I hope to write more about this very soon in my coming blog posts. @project.hope is just the best hive community to be on Steemit and you are actually missing a lot if you aren't part of the community. I just hope the community gain more delegation so that @project.hope will be able to impact the steem blockchain more positively.

    Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕❤️

  • @elenahornfilm

    For us, @project.hope is already the winner of this challenge. We are super happy to be part of this community!

  • @rentmoney

    Good luck with winning the community of the week contest. @project.hope certainly deserves to do so.

  • @offgridlife

    I just recently joined The @Project.hope Community and it is a great place to meet and share with A very positive and optimistic group of people. It gives me A New Hope in Steem. Resteemed and upvoted at 100% ... I will also retweet to my 11,000 followers on Twitter.

  • @sabari18

    great, good hope. supporting with all my wishes. 🙏

  • @yoginiofoz

    I am all about supporting folks that have put time, effort, and research into their writing. Last year I became less excited about writing essays here when I mostly got zero engagement for writing that I felt was relevant and informative. That said, I have received a little more encouragement lately, which is nice.

    Good luck!!

  • @oivas

    I have known Piotr and many of the members of the @project.hope community for a long time. Many are and were good friends but I could not continue to stay in touch nor contribute. Over the past couple of years as we saw people leaving in scores this is one group of people and ideology which stayed put.

    I have to give it to them for that. God bless the community, the members and Piotr (not the last and not the least). All the best!

    Hope you guys win! 😊

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @luciannagy

    I've sustained your project :-)

    I'll continue supporting your causes and soon i'll start to participate through my music more often.

    Regards @crypto.piotr @project.hope

    Here's a small support from me:

    $trendotoken and !trendovoter



    Sometime ago, I've sent some #lnbt as well.

    I hope you've checked your wallet inside steem-engine.

  • @mariandavp

    Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you for reaching out and I sincerely hope that this community thrives. My blogs are mostly art, writing and modern politics so my content is not quite relevant, but I will gladly support quality content from users posting in the featured categories.

  • @rb3coins

    Project Hope a great post that builds towards the community here through steemit and furthering a great structure ahead for all , All the best and thanks through-out.

  • @cubapl

    Since I've found @crypto.piotr over here, I am trying to follow him as much as possible, considering his job as a great fusion of motivation, education and charity. From his articles and publications related with @project.hope & @help.venezuela I've got a wider knowledge about current situation in Venezuela, which, in my opinion, isn't highlighted in the mainstream medias as much as it suppose to be. Supporting creative, intelligent and open-minded Venezuelans through Steemit is a great initiative and I haven't seen any similar group on this blockchain yet.

  • @day88

    Congratulations on your project and much success in this contest. I do not have much in the community, so I am just learning, however, the community seems excellent in terms of content.

  • @nachomolina

    I closely followed this project which I find charming. The constant teamwork is a sign of their value and dedication about what they do, in reality this team sets a goal and does not let it go until it is achieved. In my opinion, they are an example to follow and I would recommend them to any user within Steemit. I thank @ crypto.piotr and the rest of the team for supporting my most recent work. Wishing you the mayor of the successes, I say goodbye. Sincerely yours, @nachomolina.

  • @cyemela

    That's cool. Glad to see something still going on Steemit.

    Reading about Justin Sun. Not sure what to think at the moment. Guess he bought DLive already. Heard about the Warren Buffet lunch too. Maybe he's the kind of owner Steemit needs.

    The value of the currency will decide. Hope to join in on the HIVE.

  • @trendovoter

    Sorry, @luciannagy you're not allowed to summon the bot on the post that shared by @project.hope!

    Support @trendotoken projects by delegating : 100SP , 200SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 2000SP

  • @trendovoter

    Sorry, @luciannagy you're not allowed to summon the bot on the post that shared by @project.hope!

    Support @trendotoken projects by delegating : 100SP , 200SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 2000SP

  • @luiscalzadilla

    Hola @crypto.piotr , estoy complacido de poder seguir aportando algo a tus proyectos. He estado inactivo por mucho tiempo en Steemit, pero siempre te leo. Creo que este proyecto será fructífero. Te apoyare en lo que me sea posible.

  • @futurekr

    Truthfully, @project.hope gave me a reason to remain on steemit. I had actually left but when i saw the community and the interaction in it i decided to give it a trial, amazingly i have not regretted it.

  • @doifeellucky

    Way to go #projecthope!

    Tbh... when I first heard about communities in #steem I had the feeling that it's an unneeded additional whistle in a blockchain that alread has "all the bells and whistles".

    Now that I've looked a little deeper into this I have to say it's brilliant and #projecthope shows wonderfully a perfect use case for this!

    The latest drama around and #steem, which really felt like a liver hook to me, was oc an interesting lesson to learn!

    But what really convinced me once again to stay the course is what happened in the aftermath of this turmoil.

    Steemian's once again showed what a great community we are. When things get ugly people on here come together and show the power of #steem!

    So, onward! Great things happened and I'm sure will continue to happen in #steem, #communities and #projecthope!

    Cheers! Lucky

  • @ajewa

    This is not just a community but rather a family. I have spent a few period on this community and I can say categorically that project hope is the real definition of a community.

  • @wakeupkitty

    To be honest I always forget about project hope if it comes to posting to this community. Main reason I care about a small community that helps little fish (many are from Venezuela) and since there are hives we can only use one hive and what is posted into the community can not be read by followers, the platform unless the post is resteemed. With my slow connection this is frequently not possible which means I use the same hives or none at all.

    A read a few posts and can not say I felt enthusiastic about it at that time. I found it all the same and what I call a "stiff" (not catching) writing style.

    This means I only read if I am asked/see the notification and we drifted apart.

    If I can I support and try to promote the project where I can but I am not sure if it helps.

    For sure this project/community is something different on Steem although it's no longer clear what. I thought it was to help.people in Venezuela, next it was to provide some in a job but if that helps if you can only write about certain subjects? I do not see the link between those subjects and am interested in hearing what exactly it stands for.

    I hope that after today Steem is still there and you will not feel disappointed because you bet on the wrong horse.

    I wish you the SP delegation with whole my heart mainly because I know that you stand for your word and will use it wisely. 💕

  • @mickvir

    Whilst I don’t agree with upvoting poor content just because they are in a community , I can not remember coming across a poorly written post in Project Hope. Project Hope is definitely a good candidate for Community of the week. I have know @crypto.piotr for awhile now and he has always been a supporter of great content and those curating it. Gaming content is what I mostly talk about here on Steem and it is great to see project hope support some of our home grown games. If this is your first time reading a post from The project hope community , then make sure to check out their other content as their content is quite interesting if you take the time to read it. Great work project hope community. All the best for the contest! And keep posting your awesome content.

  • @thehive

    MOst of what you do is beyond me.

    I do like that you are keeping it up though especially after the last 6 month or so in Steemit.

  • @akdx

    I fully support this project. This is one of the nicest things on Steem. I congratulate everyone who are behind it and wish them a great luck. Guys you are doing a great work and it will surely pay you equally.

    PS: Dear @crypto.piotr I have resteemed this post.

  • @iamraincrystal

    More power to your projects! I hope you continue to help new Steemians. !trdo

  • @kimmysomelove42

    Wonderful... resteeming now, thank you!

  • @rokhani

    business that is based on sincerity will meet at the blessing point. I am sure that with @project.hope with all the teams that become the foundation of @crypto.piotr will be able to be the direction and guidance for the future that is full of optimism and concrete steps in realizing dreams through this blockchain. make our hope as reality @project.hope will drive our steps

    Warm regard from Indonesia

  • @slwzl

    Project.hope is a great initiative. I congratulate you for continuing on Steemit's path and being positive.

    Best regards.

  • @mintymile

    What I like about @project.hope is the team is helping out those content creators who write quality content but not able to get engagement and but are active part of Steem community curating other content creators. It's a good support system. Way to make the Steem community grow.

    Also I heard that the team working at @project.hope are Venezuleans in whose country it's difficult to earn enough and live, the earnings @project.hope gets through content promotion with 20% of the post rewards going to project.hope, goes to support these Venezuleans behind the project.hope team.

    I really appreciate the use of blockchain to help Venezuleans earn some Steem. It's a win-win situation, with content creators getting their posts seen, upvoted too!!

    I wish @crypto.piotr all the best running @project.hope . He has been with Steem Blockchain, promoting good content creators for a while, and helping to grow the Steem Community.

  • @cloudblade

    holybread is a good play GAME. Besides games, Electronics store / advertising / fiction manga house / can also be considered. !shop !BEER !COFFEEA

  • @davidamsterdam

    Resteemed My Polish Friend!

  • @carlos84
    There are so many positive things that can be said about #project.hope, first of all it is led by @criptopiotr which is a user committed to steem, the performance it has had in various supports and proposals for steem speak for themselves.

    I have recently joined the #project.hope family, and I can tell you that my first impressions are that I feel comfortable in all areas, first of all it handles a group of topics to publish with which I feel comfortable, among these are the philosophy and technology. I hope to be able to contribute much of my humble knowledge within this community.

    The other important thing to emphasize is that harmony between the interaction between users, I think this is the most fabulous, so I think that any user who becomes part of this great family undoubtedly not discouraged in their path of interaction and learning.

    Within the different philosophies that @project.hope shares with us as an avant-garde community, the contribution and work to steem called my attention powerfully to the following paragraph that I quote below:

    Our project is focusing on supporting current users, who create quality content (related to topics mentioned above) and who struggle with lack of engagement and little to zero rewards. Onboarding new users isn't our priority for us as we believe that it's crutial to ensure that already existing userbase will not continue shrinking.

    It is very important that you try to take care of what you already have, instead of wanting to look outside when you still cannot satisfactorily stimulate what you have inside.

    I wish that many communities had this philosophy of work, since I have seen many communities that promote projects to stimulate users that come from outside to join the chain of steem blocks, and it's not that the idea is bad, but why promote the search of new users when you still have met goals set for users who already have time and trajectory within steem.

    So certainly as @project.hope shares with us the primary goal should be to keep existing users motivated in steem, anything that can be done to attract users who can contribute good things to steem is welcome but always without neglecting the users who are already there.

    I salute the community of #project.hope continues to do a good job of stimulating and growing steem and that together as a family we will make this whole environment favorable for the growth and development of each of us who make life here.

  • @joanstewart

    Good job getting people involved and committed to helping one another.

    Gathering momentum for good reason!

  • @gertu

    Me parece muy interesante el proyecto. Yo soy un pequeño pez con muy poco poder para delegar. Pero si los apoyo con darle mi voto y resteem a la publicación. sigan adelante con estos trabajos de apoyo a la comunidad.

    I find the project very interesting. I am a small fish with very little power to delegate. But if I support them with giving my vote and resteem the publication. Keep going with these community support jobs.

  • @arynews197


  • @dexpartacus

    Great project,attract serious business and value is fundamental! Happy to support you guys! I try your Discord Channel link but doesn't work for me...

  • @hairyfairy

    I really admire the work which has @crypto.piotr and his team done about the #project.hope . Thumbs up guys!

  • @edje

    Helping businesses to be onboarded on Steem is a great way of spreading the love of and for Steem! In the end it'll be business that will have to drive adoption, for sure. Whether it be dApps, or use the Steem blockchain as a social media channel. With SMT a perfect place to start providing loyalty point system powered by the blockchain.

  • @fredkese

    Glad to know you are bringing in people to steemit

  • @erick1

    Greetings and congratulations on your initiative to take Steem and attract people to steemit, keep going on your goal and although I don't have much sp but there I support you with resteem and upvote. Saludos y felicitaciones por su iniciativa de llevar Steem y atraer gente hacia steemit, sigan adelante en su objetivo y aunque no tengo mucho sp pero ahí les apoyo con resteem y upvote.

  • @doingdailies

    only those who quit are sure to never get it (me ?)

    nice to see the witnesses everyone worked so hard for dropping out on the slightest bump that threatens their control and grip ... nicer to see most ppl not even reacting to whatever's going on as usual and then a few who keep that stiff upper lip chin up lol

    finally the place shows itself for what ive always known it to be , now we go bust or upward when the dust has settled and the dead weight that pretended to be fresh meat fallen off

    thumbs up for the community :)

  • @chrisaiki

    Hope, this is really something we need these days...

  • @lichtblick

    You got a resteem.

  • @joslud

    @project.hope bravo, excelentes noticias

  • @esthersanchez

    Since I have knowledge of the work of this community within the platform, it has always been supportive and helpful. I hope in God that they continue in their effort and that it be paid in the same way! Cheers!

  • @bowess

    Great job! People like you and initiatives like project.hope is Steem's sense of existence and greatest value. Fingers crossed! :)

  • @josevas217

    I just don't understand why I didn't join this project earlier.

    Beyond being supported with votes, one of the important things within PH is that no publication is left unsupported through a commentary. Something that is important in this platform. Because that interaction with other users through the comments is what allows us to serve as feedback and have a notion of whether or not the message we want to give comes through. In addition, the team behind this project is always very active with everything. In general, it is always published within the community theme, and there are a large number of people of great weight in steemit supporting this initiative.

    @crypto.piotr in the lead, this is going very well.

  • @trendotoken

    Congratulations @project.hope, your post successfully recieved 0.40814888 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

    @luciannagy earned : 0.17056575 TRDO curation
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  • @btcsam

    I really appreciate what you are doing to support the Steem community. Gladly resteemed 😃

  • @mllg

    Hi! @project.hope. Upvoted It's a very nice option to get higher Sp. Good luck! I'll resteem your post

  • @carrieallen

    Great updates here! I love @pennsif's challenge! However, I'm embarrassed to say I've not yet 'got into communities' so I have no suggestions other than ones that would apply to ANYTHING: be nice, make friends, comment on others' posts and SHARE SHARE SHARE!

    I'll be checking out all things communities this week...

  • @bucipuci

    Dear Piotr. It is already several times when I was invited to a small participation in your project. Although I do not follow this project, I have gained experience from my previous participation that you take good care of your project. I wish you every success and the best possible placement in the competition.

    Resteem and !trdo

  • @davidke20

    I am not part of @project.hope but I think I deserved a buddy title from @crypto.piotr as we met each other on different occasions when he was in Malaysia. In my opinion he's a very capable person in terms of relationship and he has a strong connection with the community and businesses. I was offered to be in the community, but my hands are tied as I'm running my own as well. Nevertheless, I will delegate a portion of my steem power in support of the community.

  • @marcybetancourt

    The project is very valuable and very firm in its objectives. We prioritize content creators, who are willing to invest their own time also to engage with others.

    Here's respect. Here's confidence. Here is value for time.

    Similarly, when I read statements how are you, I tell myself, this is management.

    Onboarding new users isn't our priority for us as we believe that it's crutial to ensure that already existing userbase will not continue shrinking.

    A city can be a great similar. People living in the city should live well with all amenities, with every comfort, welfare and quality of life. Because if not, they simply move to another city.

    The priority at this time in Steemit is to "keep" the existing users and gradually attract new users. I agree whit you on that thing.

    I support them with resteem to reach larger audiences.

    I'm pleased to be able to help, support and participate in this community.

    Best regards, @crypto.piotr and @project.hope

  • @mobi72

    There are now many communities on Steem, but only a few are dedicated and consistent if compared among all of them, Project Hope is one of the few ones. I always see them contributing on the Blockchain in different activities. This is the very reason, I have joined this vibrant community and will try my best to be an active member.

    Wish you best of luck.

  • @ben-edom

    Steemit journey can be very lonely and boring but thanks to project hope, i can enjoy every bit of the journey.

  • @enjoykarma

    ..time to react!!...time to be serious!!!...

  • @chireerocks

    @project.hope and @crypto.piotr, I want to appreciate your efforts and contributions on Steem Blockchain and Ecosystem.

    In my opinion history is evident that Crisis brings up the faith to build something empowering once again to empower self and others.

    And i think that Crisis Of Venezuela is the reason for the birth of @project.hope and good to see that this Community is now shifting towards more endeavours and trying to bring more value and trying to spread more Supportive essence.

    In my opinion this is one Promising Project and Community which is succeeding to create the Practical Impacts in empowering ways.

    Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

    And i want to appreciate the Initiative of @pennsif. Stay blessed.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @pennsif

    Thank you for your entry in my Community of the Week Challenge.

    Because of the current issues with Steem, I am putting the Challenge on hold until the situation is resolved and we can all move forward in a positive way.

  • @kebieri123

    @projecthope @crypto.piotr are the finest thing that has ever happened to this blockchain. Keep it up.

  • @teach-me

    Wow !! Looks like this is a community with challenging content. Like the categories that have been mentioned by the owner (community).

  • @lucyho

    I applaud your efforts and HOPE you are successful

  • @wasifbhutto

    Great efforts, you are doing good.. keep it up