Vote for your witnesses!

It's been said many times. But now is the one time it really counts. According to their last post, Steemit Inc. is planning a Hard Fork that lowers Power Down time to an extent that would completely destroy content voting. They obviously still don't know what they're doing, and we cannot leave them in control over this chain.


The exchanges that took part in the coup already backed out, we're only missing 2.2% to bring our first community witness back in. I put aside all other differences and moved my witness votes to the active top 30 from the community, and I urge every other stakeholder to do the same. We either take this back over as a community now, or we will have to fork out. Let's get this done!

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  • @abh12345

    Excluding the obvious, there is enough here to make up the ground.




  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Choosing Witnesses:

    I encourage people to post articles highlighting the types of witnesses who oppose the centralization of Tron Overlord Justin Sun who is done. Is it true that larger accounts have larger voting weight?

    Voting Weight

    According to one article, it appears that new Steem accounts were created in February 2020 and that around ten or so of these new accounts outvoted thousands of voters who voted for the other witnesses.

    Electoral College

    I'm not even sure if I want to compare this to the U.S. voting system where Trump got the electoral college votes and Clinton stole the popular votes. She didn't actually win the popular vote.

    Saving Steem

    But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here because I want to save Steem.

  • @isnochys

    Codename Burgfrieden

  • @simplifylife

    Yes, time to put aside all differences at this time. Let's sort this out first, together. I mean every single one of us has to agree on at least the same 20 witnesses, i.e. least!

  • @apshamilton

    Done. Everyone should reach out to other Steemians they know, especially ones that haven't been active lately.

  • @ash

    are they still trying to freeze accounts, or is this off the table for now?

  • @lemouth

    Hi have done the same! I will adjust @steemstem votes too in a minute. Every little step matters.

  • @exph

    How many witnesses do we need to block a hard fork?

  • @themarkymark

    Good time to give this a listen.

  • @atomcollector

    Could someone please make a clickable list so it's easy to vote for the best witnesses to make this happen. For now I have just voted numbers 21 to 40 as I don't know where to start. If we make it easy then more people will do it.


  • @fenngen

    Did the same! Hope this makes it through!!!

  • @marki99

    Done reluctantly. I'm voting for the people that put us here.

  • @sweecee

    failure of DelegatePOS and the lack of reward sharing by witnesses... ez to foreseen...

  • @freiheit50

    I just set my voting proxy to @forum.orcinorum (which is the proxy of many of our german community) and I hope this is good for your intention. The steemit account has only less than 10% of the SP, so it should be easy for us to counter the takeover.

    Edit: I see they have more than 26%. But we can reach this value as well.

    Edit 2: Since two days the SP of the entire network rose from about 210 to currently 256 Mio steem. The account poloniex powered up more than 2 Mio steem (unwithdrawn coins after the delisting of steem) and joined Justins's crew.

  • @prameshtyagi

    This is not the time to hang on with differences. we definitely have to forget that stuff till blockchain is back in the hands of those who love and respect decentralization. We need to concentrate our witness votes to top 21-40 rank community witnesses. Just did that with my little stake.

    I also recommend that those who can afford - just go out, buy 100,200 etc steems and powerup

  • @intrepidsurfer

    Done and resteemed

  • @paulag

    sorry for the spam, im leaving this comment everywhere. We need to block the incoming fork by tron. this will allow for us to have stronger negotiation powers.

    can you please check your votes and place one for each of the following. @Yabapmatt @blocktrades @roelandp @themarkymark and @good-karma.

  • @gandhibaba

    In responds to your call, I have just voted @themarkymark witness. Cheers!

  • @hatoto

    i did the same

  • @kus-knee

    I have proxied the votes on my accounts, almost 200,000 SP @blockbrothers. Iโ€™d like to hear from them what they intend to do at this point.

  • @fernandosoder

    Almost there:


    Meanwhile I am still far from the Security Council(Top20):


  • @fernandosoder

    If the old Security Council ever gets their seats back, could you please do something to prevent this from ever happening again without resorting to special treatment towards selected users?

  • @dhimmel

    At, it says "99.21875% Participation" meaning that 99% of vested steem is already voting? That sounds too high to be true?

    We either take this back over as a community now, or we will have to fork out. Let's get this done!

    Yes! Either one. I agree the restoration of witnesses would be less disruptive, but ultimately if tensions are so deep a fork may be inevitable.

  • @for91days

    On it! I still got some witness votes left.

  • @spectrumecons

    Let's do this. The gap is closing.


  • @darth-azrael

    I'm a bit conflicted. Many of the witnesses in the 21-40 range are powering down massive amounts of steem. While I understand why, I'm not sure that makes them a good choice to vote for...

  • @xr-hammergaming

    I have set you as proxy.

  • @fernandosoder

    The bastard...

    this morning was 132GV. Now is 136GV. image.png

  • @youarethewhale

    @pharesim I have a "victory proposal" that could wake up non-voters!

  • @clove71

    Yes! I have updated my votes today! They are all voted for our Steem witnesses not Tron's! We can do this!

  • @tellyupdates


  • @clove71

    Yes! I did this and am getting many people in telegram and Discord to do it too! We can all save our Steem blockchain when we all come together and unite. Let's Go!!!

  • @miti

    Done! I wrote a post to support witnesses work and invite others to to do the same. WE canโ€™t give up without a fight!!!!

  • @offgridlife

    Bring back all your Steem from the Exchanges. Power up and VOTE.

  • @denmarkguy

    This could actually happen! Check this out, as of 8:52am Pacific time...



  • @jjprac

    I am with you, witnesses are elected.

  • @fernandosoder

    He done it!

    first battle has been won! image.png

    This is the next witness we are close to put in the Security Council: image.png

  • @fernandosoder

    Another victory!


  • @fernandosoder

    They are powering up

    This morning they had about 132 GV per witness. Now it is about 138 GV/w. @goodguy24(ironic) is less than a GV behind @yabapmatt. I believe that some steemians who support Sun Yuchen(Justin's real name) are casting vote towards his top witness. And yes, he has supporters motivated by opposition to SF 0.22.2. I was and still am against freezing Steemit's assets but I am also against letting Sun having that much power to exploit a network that today have shown serious vulnerabilities in the safety mechanisms to prevent centralization.


  • @fernandosoder

    Another one is getting closer to be our 3rd winner:


  • @geekgirl


  • @raj808

    Hi @pharesim

    I think you're right and I'm going to go review my votes now. Unfortunately that means I might have to remove you as one of my witnesses, to try and help the closest one to getting back in the top 20 but I'll try not to. I have always kept my vote for you through thick and thin after you paid for the steemfest 3 ticket I won in your comp, for which I'm eternally grateful.

    I think we were debating in the pal MSP last night? ๐Ÿ˜† it is all a bit of a blur as I was pissed both metaphorically and literally (I'd had a few drinks and was upset at the whole situation).

    Spent all afternoon writing and researching a post about all this BS. In the article I challenge justin sun to an AMQ (answer my questions) on #steem... like an AMA but better!

    I also detail the PR techniques he is using through his lies, dissemination and delay tactics as I used to work in PR. I posted it on both steempeak & medium for extra reach.

  • @sciencevienna


  • @lichtblick

    Done and resteemed :-)

  • @yasu24

    I voted for my witness. Thank you for supporting Steem community. Resteemed this article.

  • @wakeupkitty

    It always counted but people are not willing to count for who they do not know, never met... You do not give your voice to a stranger. ๐Ÿ’•

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  • @miti

    "united we stand, divided we fall"!

    In this way you will vote your witnesses in safe mode (steemconnect).

    1. VOTE FOR ---> @roelandp
    2. VOTE FOR ---> @yabapmatt
    3. VOTE FOR ---> @good-karma
    4. VOTE FOR ---> @themarkymark
    5. VOTE FOR ---> @anyx
    6. VOTE FOR ---> @someguy123
    7. VOTE FOR ---> @blocktrades
    8. VOTE FOR ---> @ausbitbank
    9. VOTE FOR ---> @cervantes
    10. VOTE FOR ---> @gtg
    11. VOTE FOR ---> @thecryptodrive
    12. VOTE FOR ---> @drakos
    13. VOTE FOR ---> @steempress
    14. VOTE FOR ---> @therealwolf
    15. VOTE FOR ---> @followbtcnews
    16. VOTE FOR ---> @lukestokes.mhth
    17. VOTE FOR ---> @emrebeyler
    18. VOTE FOR ---> @aggroed
    19. VOTE FOR ---> @steempeak
    20. VOTE FOR ---> @ocd-witness
    21. VOTE FOR ---> @abit
    22. VOTE FOR ---> @curie
    23. VOTE FOR ---> @stoodkev
    24. VOTE FOR ---> @jesta
    25. VOTE FOR ---> @liondani
    26. VOTE FOR ---> @netuoso
    27. VOTE FOR ---> @pharesim
    28. VOTE FOR ---> @arcange
    29. VOTE FOR ---> @riverhead
    30. VOTE FOR ---> @busy.witness
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    Much love to you from all of us at @helpie! Keep up the great work!


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    @helpie is a Community Witness.

  • @valerianis

    I've just voted! Is everything gonna be alright with Steemit?

  • @alexs1320

    I don't get it - WHY? WHY supporting the old system?

    I'm simply not blind, not to see that the value was 2.000 Million, and now it's 60-70 M

    It's 96% of value - lost

    Or in the other words, those commy morons owe each one of us x30, because they don't understand the real world and they don't understand the economy

    To hell with them

    with idiotic Utopian that stole 20k$ after millions were pumped into their stupid projects

    with moronic steemSTEM who payed to 3rd world idiots with DaVinci and with Curie

    I don't know Sun, be he can't be THAT stupid to make thousand mistakes



    Trendo projects will stand with human witnesses & with the community. $trdo

  • @marfonso

    Let's vote ... all together we are stronger :)

  • @steemvpn

    SteemVPN supports your decision and v0.22.4444. We have stopped accepting payments in Tron for our VPN service.

  • @fiserman

    Done. First time voting in quite awhile.

  • @mima2606

    Yes this is the right announcement! I think the community has shown in the last 2 days how important Steem is. Even though we are in difficult times, never before have so many Steemians activated their voices for the Witnesses. I think that's wonderful! Greetings Michael

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