Open letter to Justin Sun

I've never understood why people write open letters to politicians, ceos or celebrities. I'm pretty much sure they don't look at them anyway. But here I am, trying to address a person wealthy enough to have home stories in magazines I don't read. Maybe it reaches him.

Dear @justinsunsteemit,

that was a rough start. Maybe you had a closer look at what you own now, and even if not I want to congratulate you for your purchase! You are now a huge stakeholder of one of the most promising blockchain technologies out there. In the AMA you told us how advanced TRON is, but seriously, nothing that platform offers impresses anyone here. So let's talk STEEM.

The project has a rough history. It started out with a way too high inflation, and the people working on blockchain code continued with pushing weird ideas changing stuff. The community often felt bewildered by those changes, but for the sake of doing at least something most of these things were pushed through. There were a lot of promises for better communication, and during the last months it looked like it's really improving. Then the Steemit Inc. sale happened...

You are in a crucial position now. While the tech is great, the community is the biggest asset here. Getting both under one hood, combined with your capabilities, can lead us to formerly unknown heights. On the other hand, if you continue the way it went before, the decline will most certainly continue.

It's not difficult, but there are a few things you have to take care of imo:

  • Steemit Inc. stake was mined early under better conditions than anyone else could get, under the premise to be used for development and onboarding. There has been a lot of mishandling of these funds. Please consult with the community how to handle them responsibly.
  • The STEEM blockchain is a different product to the blockchains you work with. There are no smart contracts by design, it is a database for text/json storage. This creates flexibility for app developers, and the diversity of apps compared to what i.e. TRON have to offer should be notable. Cherish this!
  • Development on STEEM by Steemit Inc. just started to get more open. This path should be continued and prioritized even higher.

These are the absolute basics. If these ground rules are met, you will find us to be a very diverse and welcoming community. Don't make quick decisions or let single people tell you all that's wrong, but take the time to get a grasp of the whole ecosystem. You'll be amazed.

Looking forward to your ideas and contributions, pharesim

// EDIT: I tweeted this, help it get some visibility if you're there

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  • @ayijufridar

    Open letter makes open mind for every one.

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    Good post. Thanks for taking this initiative. Resteeming.

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  • @zekepickleman

    I have been a part of many transactions involving new ownership of a company I worked with. Never have these transactions worked out well for me.

    Luckily for us, this is not new ownership of the blockchain. Just a section of it that has been underperforming for quite a while.

    Love the open letter and I am betting it makes it under his nose. This is an investment and he has a wealth of information, opinion and passion related to a large investment.

    Gonna be interesting and potentially more fun than it already is.

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  • @cryptopie

    @justinsunsteem take heed Sir @pharesim had a lot of valid concerns for the development and improvement of both steem and tron. Best regards.

  • @sanjeevm

    We need more of these , the thoughts came on my mind and few minutes back, I did comment on similar lines to few others before I saw this. Justin definitely can gain a lot if he understands this echo system and it will be WIN-WIN for everyone.

    Appreciate you starting it.

  • @waybeyondpadthai

    Great letter and I do agreed on most. Hope he gets the msg.

    nothing that platform offers impresses anyone here

    That's harsh XD

  • @alucian

    This is a very good statement, I hope for us, he will read it!

  • @vlemon

    Agreed and thank you 🙏 for defending our fellow Steemians. We count on you witnesses to protect the interest of the community.

    Best, @vlemon

  • @abitcoinskeptic

    Those 3 points seem very well thought out. I support this opinion.

  • @bitrocker2020

    everyone needs to resteem this post

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  • @jaynie

    Very, VERY well said!

  • @ubikalo

    I have been away for a while, I found out about this news yesterday and make me feel like old days in steemit. this is a huge community with an exceptional platform, I hope this brings more life to this project. Nice letter!

  • @roadstories


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  • @gniksivart

    I'm terrible at taking my thoughts and writing them out on paper, but this does a pretty good job at it. I would like to see more of these written if nothing else so we know where people stand.

    I know words are cheap, but I think it would be good to see we as a community are pretty much on the same page and standing together as well as for those on the outside looking in.

  • @vikisecrets

    Full support, Steem on :)

  • @zaibkang

    I think you have very good understanding and knowledge about steem blockchain and tron blockchain its very nice post and good advice

    I hope Your open letter get noticed by Justin sun @justinsuntron #justinsuntron

    Justin sun is a good and respectable leader in cryptocurrency community he will take his time watched are develop closely and read all suggestions from steemit and steem community

    He is capable enough to make better decisions if he takes his time and not try to get quick profits and rewards he should make decisions for the betterment of steemit Dapp ,steem blockchain and tron foundation

  • @shakil-ahmed

    You are absolutely right sir.I appreciate this and I think everybody appreciate this.Because as human beings we must follow some rules & regulation...

  • @hatoto

    Upvote and Resteem!

  • @julianhorack

    Talk about a wild card, this could go anywhere.

  • @ditsch

    Well done @pharesim! Talking about facts in a clear way without negative elements. That might be a voice (lopen letter) which is heard (read) at places where there is a fruitable ground. Thank you!

  • @ritxi

    Great letter, hope it will arrive at the right door!

  • @tj4real

    Great issues you are addressing there .I hope Justin reads

  • @gentleshaid

    Not bad. I think the first thing Justin needs is a trustable interpreter.

    Between, I followed you on twitter and gave the post more visibility

  • @itstime

    Justin right now..

  • @stuffbyspencer

    Good perspective. I hope he sees this & people will start to arm up.

    I'm not calling for a war, just a show of strength.

  • @neddykelly

    Great write up mate

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  • @buggedout

    In the AMA you told us how advanced TRON is, but seriously, nothing that platform offers impresses anyone here.

    Really? I think that is a bit harsh and maybe a bit presumptuous too if you're claiming to speak for all of us. If this is the attitude we are taking then we really are going nowhere. Crypto Tribalism wins again...?

    The rest of your letter is good though. Thanks for sharing :)

  • @diazrock

    Development on STEEM by Steemit Inc. just started to get more open. This path should be continued and prioritized even higher.

    These means that there is an open source community working on STEEM, or there will be?

  • @robertandrew

    Great open letter. Hope it finds his eyes :)

  • @cezary-io

    I watched AMA with Justin, it appear that he didn't knew much about our platform, but to be honest when I joined steem, I didn't know much too. It would be good if he would convince some of his 4 million tron users to join our platform.

  • @mobbs

    We have to consider that people like Justin don't have the time for reading posts and responding to things unless it is their true passion to engage with individuals. So the key really is to be surrounded by the right, small handful of people.

    I can only hope that's the case, because we can't rely on him to understand the entire ecosystem in a year, let alone a week - In the same way we can't expect Trump to understand the US political system in intimate detail. He just needs the explanations at the precise time its necessary to make an action.

    Fingers crossed he knows what he's doing in this regard

  • @jeenger

    I'm sure Justin will read your open letter. You have my support.

  • @financialadvice

    I think patience is important. Fortunately for times like these, there is a 13-week power-down to help keep steady hands.

  • @udabeu

    Yes, YOU ALL , plus me, are the ones he can learn a lot from, for his own things.

  • @jozef230

    Well said!

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  • @epic-fail

    Open letter to Justin :

    Dear Justin,

    Ned fucked you over just like he's been fucking us over the entire time. He sold you a Bill of Goods. He is a man-child brat that throws temper tantrums. Dan is laughing. The end

    Love the most talented Blockchain ever.

    P.S. you will never OWN us. You ain't in China anymore Dorothy !

  • @mrnightmare89

    you have a point, steem is different from other blockchain. Let's just hope he won't rush things in steem and never compare steem on other blockchain. He's new so I think he needs to be educated of how steem works.

  • @alexs1320

    In what world do you live, man, @pharesim Also, @justinsunsteemit you can read this as well

    of one of the most promising blockchain technologies

    you can't just promise something for years, you need to deliver the results. Peter Pan, never growing boy is not something worth adoring

    during the last months it looked like it's really improving

    What on Earth was improving? Userbase is somehow still shrinking, although there is about 6000 posts per day = not-hing

    While the tech is great

    What is great? Every time the HF happened the chain was dead for several days. What is great? The code written so well that entering a negative number for power killed the whole chain :D

    the community is the biggest asset here

    What community?! There are people on the planet, more than on serious social networks and 10.000 here, on Steemit. It's 100.000x less than FB. Steemit is 10% of 1% of 1% of FB. Can you imagine that insignificance?

    NOBODY cares about Steemit, besides top 50 dogs and 500 poor Africans/ Asians telling you how great this post is Sir

    Please consult with the community how to handle them responsibly

    DON'T! You created this. Utopian run away with the money. SteemSTEM supported Wiki plagiarisms with hundreds of dollars per post. DaVinci who paid hundreds to translate some irrelevant open-source projects. What else, oh yes, Curie, lovely community that supported own cousins and relatives.

    This creates flexibility for app developers, and the diversity of apps compared to what

    And yet - there are no apps?! Some stupid gambling and games with 50 players

    you will find us to be a very diverse and welcoming community

    Who cares about you?! There is only a couple of thousands of users. A local football club has more fans than the whole Steemit.

    If Sun is smart, he will create a completely new community. Nobody cares how inclusively diverse you are now

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  • @ssjsasha

    Honestly, as this point you need to either get on a camera or at least use a microphone and voice your thoughts

    When you resort to text you are leaving a loooooot of room for misunderstanding and conflict

  • @animica

    This is really great platform. Just needs to be fixed, many people don't like when their profiles and balance is public...

  • @streetz314

    I think its worth a try

  • @juanvegetarian

    There's a chance this letter actually gets to @justinsunsteemit. He might even read it. Thanks.

  • @strenue

    Great letter @pharesim, thank you for using your voice put your rational thoughts out there. Steemit really is a unique community that is a great asset that needs to be cherished by Justin and the TRON community.

    Very interesting times lie ahead for us all, but it is very reassuring to know that we have calm leaders like you within the community that have the courage to put your neck out there and share your words with Justin.

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