One last middle finger from ned...

Happy to return that.


Extending it to Justin "I buy blockchains" Sun. He may be able to buy parts of the community, he may squat the name by pushing the token swap on a (formerly great, now insignificant) exchange. But he will never understand blockchain.

I'm in for STEEM Classic.

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  • @jackmiller

    This about sums up the deal and payoff for us Steemians.

  • @davedickeyyall

    To bad you won't have a say. Nothing stops TRON from voting in its own witnesses

  • @schlafhacking

    You have my vote

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  • @freddio

    in too. We never get SMT nice Scam from Steemit inc

  • @tarazkp

    Boom! :D

    Node up?

  • @twinner

    Count me in :-)

  • @louis88

    I'm in!

    Go and fork the current state Guys! STEEM Classic... ok, why not.

  • @distantsignal

    I want in on Steem Classic!

  • @joshman

    Can it be a different name, or perhaps just call it Steempeak after the front end with actual effort?

  • @preparedwombat

    I'm in for STEEM Classic.


  • @lordbutterfly

    Fuck @ned and fuck Justin!!! Fuck THEM HARD!.. Im here for #SteemClassic. If the ship sinks ill be here dancing on the sea floor, flipping off every DIPSHIT that ever thought that a blockchain is something you can buy.

  • @satren

    Im in!

  • @tonytrillions

    Steemit should be sold at a throw away price actually πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I won't be tired to repeat this:

    When btc was @20k steem was @$8, so if btc is @10k, logically steem should be roughly above $4.

    But what do we have? Don't answer me.

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  • @sharpshot

    I'm in. Can use money from the swap tokens to buy Steem Classic. I'd like it to be quite radical, no point in following the ideas Stinc had, as they didn't work. Maybe make it open to multiple cryptocurrencies? Who needs exchanges? I hardly ever use them now. Just need a way to swap Steem Classic with the top cryptos.

  • @afrog

    I recall the lost Golos. Or is the Blockchaine still alive? But right from the start I had confidence in @pharesim and its steem expertise. A new blockchain is definitely worth a try. One with certain liabilities. So that one can seriously recommend organisations to use it.

    My stake is a joke, but a word also weighs something:

    I'm in…

  • @goldcoin


  • @itstime

    To steem classic

  • @klye

    I'm in for STEEM Classic too Pharesim.

    100% man. Fuck this TRON merger shit.. :/

  • @sgt-dan

    If it comes to a point where I must choose? I vote for STEEM CLASSIC.

    #steemclassic #iamwithsteemians #visionsarenotforsale

  • @chumchum


  • @uwelang

    Bin dabei Sir

  • @vikisecrets

    STEEM Classic is not a good name, call it STEEM3 :) like Steem Freedom ;)

    Also a bit concerned about the current situation, and would prefer that the Steem blockchain remains, but also see potential in the new collaboration if it is done as a win/win.

  • @nelyp

    I always tell you you should post more... This is just perfect post you see ;)

  • @joythewanderer

    I'm all in

  • @wizzdom

    selling a huge community is the high level of cynicism, very bad bad @NED

  • @jeffjagoe


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