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I was finally able to make a brandnew artwork. This picture is in my mind for weeks now and I guess you all know what´s it about. So I wont make many words about its content and let you make your own interpretations. Instead, I´m going to show you some steps of the creation...

Ich konnte endlich mal ein brandneues Bild machen. Dieses Motiv habe ich seit Wochen im Kopf und ich denke, ihr wisst alle, worum es geht. Deshalb werde ich nicht viele Worte über den Inhalt machen und euch eure eigenen Interpretationen lassen. Stattdessen zeige ich einige Schritte der Erstellung ...

As usual I made a wire skeleton, wrapped it in foil and then modelled the surface with plasticine. I took the little branches from my dead thyme tree.

Wie üblich habe ich ein Drahtskelett gemacht, es in Alu-Folie gewickelt und dann die Oberfläche mit Knetemodelliert. Die kleinen Zweige kommen von meinem toten Thymianbaum.

Then it got hot... my husband @michaeldietrich was a great help to burn the branches down while I was trying to take pictures of the fire. Thyme isn´t burning so well (but it smells quite good), so we had to be quick. Finally I assembled the best flames digitally and added the background, foreground and more in Photoshop. I really hope you like it.

Dann wurde es heiß ... mein Mann @michaeldietrich war mir eine große Hilfe beim Anzünden der Zweige, während ich versuchte, Fotos vom Feuer zu machen. Thymian brennt nicht besonders gut (dafür riecht es nicht schlecht), also mussten wir schnell sein. Schließlich habe ich die besten Flammen digital zusammengefügt und den Hintergrund, den Vordergrund und mehr in Photoshop dazu montiert. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch.

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Thank you for reading! | Danke für´s Lesen!

Passion - Photoshooting 2007 | [EN/DE]

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    Wow, what a cool looking sculpture! The fire adds a very nice touch to it. How original! 😃

    Well done... and thanks for sharing!

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    Sehr berührend... Schönes "Bild" und danke für dein Darstellen des Prozesses! Lieben Gruß Kadna

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    These sculptures are so much fun!

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    This is really cool.

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    That's fantastic! I love the final product, and that you were able to build the subject yourself. Sweet!


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    Really cool i love seeing how it was done nice work. Resteemed your post.

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    Incredibly powerful piece. The symbolism I see is nature wishing to connect with man and man wishing to be one with nature. But nature is being destroyed and man is being brought to his knees.

    Love the central spiral ~ Universal love and compassion may be the answer that will lift man and nature out of the devastation. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

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    Really like how you make your own set ups and show how it's done. Great art as usual! :)

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    I didn't see this one ! Sorry for this comment's delay, @patschwork Nice fire work: at first I thought it was digitally added. Very good idea :) Great piece ! :)