We thought this would be a wise idea.

Not only is it going to be healthier in some cases, it'll allow us to keep our reserve supply for longer. By "eating wild" we can find fresh, free food and continue to practice our forager, hunter/fisher, gatherer skills.


Above is a photo of last night's dinner. While there are some store-bought items included and some condiments, a good portion of the food came from the wild. Since the food supply at the grocery stores usually is only for about three or four days worth, and since people have been told to stock up for weeks or months, that equation just doesn't work, and many shortages have appeared in many areas.

Because of this we've decided to hold tight on our non-perishable foods and allow them to remain in the cupboards. The wild is just teeming with life right now and so many wonderful foods are showing up in almost inexhaustible quantities. Last night, we enjoyed some fish tacos with a side of mushrooms.

The fish was provided by Pinkie-Pepper and Red-Pepper, since they each landed some nice fish lately. Fishing is a fun activity to begin with, but it is also a great skill to have that helps provide food too! Each of our children is currently working on developing this skill, and they are getting rather good at it.

The mushrooms were morels that we gathered from our land. Actually, mostly "Monster-Truck" has been finding these, so in a way, it's like our children provided us with the meal last night. After prepping the morels, I sauteed half in butter, and then battered, breaded, and fried the others. They were so delicious! Then, to add some more nutrition to the tacos, we diced up some scapes from the woods and some kale from the garden.

Where we live the wild edibles are really kicking into production and there are a lot of them. We'll be tapping into this fresh resource and leaving the can of pasta sauce in the cupboard for now. There are ways to harvest the wild for free that allows these precious resources to show up on a yearly basis, and some, like the morels here, are actually becoming more plentiful. Be wise out there people!

Until next timeā€¦

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