Does YOUR Emergency Plan Plan for OTHERS?

To be selfish, or to bless?

In light of recent events, I thought it would be best to put this out there. When people are planning their lifestyles or prepping for an emergency, it's important not to forget about others. Whether friends, family, or strangers, those who either did not prepare or couldn't prepare may come looking to you for help. If we set ourselves up to help others, then we'll be more ready to when the situation arises.

In this video I share some of my thoughts about setting things up on our property to not only make our lives more intentional and self-sufficient, but also with the perspective that we may one day need to be taking care of others too. Hopefully it'll provide some good food for thought. Enjoy!

Does YOUR Emergency Plan Plan for OTHERS? - VIDEO

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  • @gooddream

    i don't have an emergency plan but it would probably only include my dog. To be fair I only know 6 people here and I don't know where any of them live.

  • @simms50

    Haven't watched the video yet but thought I would ask when I could move in? I don't take up too much space and can lift up to 75 pounds by my self and over a hundred with help! :-D

  • @jacey.boldart

    I enjoyed your thoughts on this and it is a good thing to also think of others while you are doing for yourself and family.

    I have nothing like that to offer, but at this time, I am one of the lucky one's whose job slipped seamlessly to my home, where there is no change in my financial situation. I do have my "radar" out to see where I might be of help to someone else that is not as fortunate. I am not wealthy or even close, but I can meet my needs and still have something left to help somewhere else if needed. Of course I start with my family and extended family, but so far that all seems good, so I will start listening and looking beyond my circle. :) .... and go from there.

  • @outtheshellvlog

    Mine does.