Work in Progress: Crypto Art Part 3


NOTE: Please tune down any upvotes, I feel funny about good upvotes on a W.I.P. post!

Feels busy and stressy... :D

But I owe someone a project and I don't want to let it slip away. I have to work on this a bit each day.

So time consuming!

I spent over another 2+ hours and now I have arrows, a BTC, path way to the BTC (with steps) and mountains! Next up, trees, clouds, and small houses. Everything gotta stay clean and geometric. If I slack off, everyone will notice, so the pressure is ON!


Original sketch:

So yesterday...

I was TOADALLY ambushed by a project and had to meet a crazy deadline from 4 pm to 9 pm. What a mess. Also, I might lose a HUGE project, as the client pulled a fast one and is having a competitor bid. Yay! Oh well, I will keep on trucking!!

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  • @eirik

    You can always lower the price to beat any competitors.