This is not a well written post (declined payout)

I intentionally wrote this in my worst grammar
But have you heard about the latest craziness unfolding?

Today started with a sad face and ended up with a laffy face.

It's a win for all in my opinion. Justine Sun won't face (as many?) criminal charges since his plan to nab $5 million was a pathetic fail.

The original witnesses will likely get their funds back so they can keep living large.

Clowns learned a very special lesson, but they might not take it to heart.

And whiny weasels still have something to bitch about.

I'm quite pleased.

But the retribution will likely continue.

The former Steem whales are safe to dump their Steem now.

But Sunny can and will attack the "middle class" here. The whales slipped away due to his folly, but the dolphins are stuck in powerdown, their funds at constant risk of revenge-freezing.

I don't truly care either way, but buddy I want out of this mess if by all means possible. Once I sell my Steems I might diversify a bit into Doge or XLM or whatever that thing is called. Stella Lumens...


Busy, so probably can;t reply for a bit. I still reply to muted accounts, since I use Steempeak.

Keychain got messed up - browser issue.

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  • @preparedwombat

    Justine Sun won't face (as many?) criminal charges since his plan to nab $5 million was a pathetic fail.

    Well, he did do the theft. The fact that funds were moved after that might not save him from prosecution.

    He’ll try to steal it back with an emergency HF24?

    Can’t wait to see how this all gets written up in the crypto press.

  • @eirik

    Did something interesting happened with the hardfork? I am out of loop.

  • @indigoocean

    This totally made my day. It was important for all of crypto.

  • @petrarodriguez

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