If a spam has rewards declined...

Is it still a spam?

I'd say, "asking for a friend", but everyone knows I don't have no friends...

But seriously. Is it a spam when there's no reward involved?


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  • @preparedwombat

    Depends. If it’s on Hive, it’s spam. If it’s on Steem, it’s an official announcement from on high.

  • @billyuzi

    maybe @overkillcoin .

  • @bashadow

    You should respond to someone in the comments and see if people give you a vote. Can a rewards declined post be flagged?

  • @eirik

    It's subjective.

  • @mineopoly

    If you drew this picture it is not spam. I tried get a few rewards before shutting down shop here but I have an eerie feeling I won't be able to take them to the bank.

  • @steevc

    It's spam if it is posted with no care about engagement. I say flag them to invisibility, but only on Hive.

  • @petrarodriguez

    muy linda imagen querido amigo,Dios me lo bendiga,estoy muy agradecida de usted saludos