Our Life Story | Chapter 6 – Do you ever have that feeling?

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Do you ever get that feeling that you are not living life to the fullest? Just slaving away on your job and when you do have some spare time, there is nothing fun or exciting to do!

Well, I think we are at that point right now. Living with our parents again in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t really improve our quality of life. There’s just not much happening around here and let me tell you, the weather isn’t helping either.

So this must be the best time to look back at some of the trips we made, so we won’t forget why we took the step to quit our jobs soon and sell most of what we own.

So, today we wanted to share out trip to Berlin!

The well know Berlin wall, or iron curtain

I believe is has been about 4 years ago that we took our car and drove off to Berlin. The trip was something like 650 km and it took around 6 hours for us to arrive in this amazing city.

We are the type of people that try to see as much as possible when we are city tripping, this means walking for hours enjoying the architecture, the people, the culture and when you are in Berlin you just cannot forget the occasional BEER AND SAUSAGE!

Cheers to that!!

Hydrating is important  :)

Besides the food, Berlin has many more interesting things to hear, see, feel and taste.

After World War 2 the city became heavily damaged by the all the bombardments and this is what gives Berlin this mix between old and modern architecture at this day.

Berliner Dom, build between 1894-1905

Holocaust memorial

This holocaust memorial is located near the Brandenburg gate, in the heart of Berlin. This monument contains 2.711 of these concrete pillars seen in the photos and you can walk between all of these pillars which is quite a unique experience.

Holocaust memorial

Another thing what makes Berlin well known , is its graffiti. With some truly amazing pieces scattered throughout the city, this is a thing that’s hard to miss if you are ever visiting Berlin.

Just one of the places filled with graffiti

What's your favorite City to explore?

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Thank you for reading :)

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    "So this must be the best time to look back at some of the trips we made, so we won’t forget why we took the step to quit our jobs soon and sell most of what we own."

    Quit your jobs and selling most of what you own to travel? That is a serious decision. And what will happen later? Will you be fine without jobs?

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