The Road to Steem Fest - Who would you like to meet in Thailand?

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Oh geez! I want to meet all of the Steemians!

I had a small problem with this post. I know who I want to meet, but this people don't know me. It was a little bit sad and weird. Hello, some random write about you, so you can scroll down your wall.

So who I want to meet in SteemFest4

@suesa - I want to say to you "Thank you" for help in the beginning... Yeee, a lot of help. Without you maybe I will write my first post a lot longer. Still, I use the tools which you showed me, it's very helpful. Only we know how many you did for me and I never told you how grateful I am.

@anomadsoul - You are one of the best people in the Steemians community. I don't know another person who does a lot for integration all of us. You made this contest and you have time to read every post. I'm glad we will meet in Bangkok and we can talk about fantasy stories and our characters.

@gtg - I know that you will be there! Of course, I hear myself and my awesome (ekhem) English. I believe you find a moment to talk to me. I will be polite in Thailand, I promise!

@hr1 - Maybe you don't remember our small talk about food and my reluctance to carrots from last SteemFest. I would like to ask about your eating habits.

@myach - You are such a crazy people! I met you last SteemFest in Kraków and you surprised me. We didn't have a lot of time to talk, but I remember your smiles. I want to meet you again and talk about your community and your country. You enthuse everyone who you catch! We can hug again? Please!

@mys - No one expects Spanish... Oh no! I know, you will be there. Maybe you won't have a lot of time for me, but still, I want to meet you and don't lose in Bangkok.

@nicniezgrublem - I don't know that you will be there or not. I'm stalking @wise-team discord about some pieces of information from you and your friends. If you will know something, let me know, please!

See ya in Bangkok!

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  • @suesa

    Sorry to disappoint, I can't be there

  • @mys

    We will surely meet!