Reason of my break

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I was dead

In the last months, I felt like a zombie. Really! I slept half-day and I don't have time to do anything. Always I was tired. I could sleep everywhere (and I did it). Sometimes I ate too much junk food, sometimes I ate nothing. Very healthy Osavi, very healthy (clap, clap) I didn't have time to cook (and skills). Most time I was hungry, I said that is good for me but it wasn't. I was weak and without any energy. One advantage - I could drink water as much as I wanted. Oh! And I found a yummy tea.


The reason was the job. Yay! But wait, you had a job, you can earn money, you shouldn't be sad. My first job I should be proud as hell. Nope, I wasn't. I expect that I can learn more useful abilities. Maybe try something in accounting. I had to explain to them how our system works and write asks. My accounting skills weren't used. The worst time became after the holidays. The corporation became to be horrible.
They don't hire more students. Nope. We had to works 11-12 hours, but we are students too. We had a lecture at university. I said It was too much for me. I gave up work and it was the best decision I ever did.


Today I'm at university. Together with my friends. The best feeling when they are still helping me and they don't cut oneself off from me. I would like to do something more during the day. I had great plans, but the reality was stronger than my dreams... I wait for the next fight!
Now I know how much energy I have. I can better manage my time. I know where are my limits. I would like to try a new job but after my thesis defense.

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