Osavi say hi all

Aloha or classic hello


My introduction post should tell you who I am, but what can I write if I don't know who I am?

Some facts about me:

  • Too old to be child, too young to be truly self-reliant.

  • Still studying at the university, without a job or practices.

  • I love sugar, in contrary to my body. Cookies, candies, ice cream? I eat everything (like catch'em all)! Geeez, why do I not care about my health... I should, I know, but sweets taste yummy. The worst fight is in the mind.

  • My favourite place is my bed - warm or cold. I live alone (yep I'm loner). I sometimes meet a cockroach, but I can't move out. Not yet.

I really don't like talking about myself.

I've been a creator of characters and game master in a pen&paper fantasy universe.

Monsters, knights, magic and litres of beer or blood - who cares. Important to me are action and a good story. Most people prefer to become a hero or another legendary person (There are no rules against beeing badass). How that's achieved differs.

Become the best swordsman? No problem. Slay a dragon and take over his power? You can do it, but prepare yourself properly, I don't like killing characters (braindead characters being an exception).

Or maybe you want to be a respectable citizen and stay behind the curtain.

That's why I like creating a fantasy world. Where else can I be a sorceress and cast spells? Yup, magic is awesome.

Of course, each universe has its own rules. Sometimes you can only be human, or you can't mix being a warrior with being a wizard. Only one rule is important - from zero to hero.

Maybe it's werid, but I've never watched Lord of the Rings. Yeees, I know it's a classic. I tried once, but Tolkien's writing was too tough.

Last time I created a woman brawler named Tan. She was a typical tomboy, first to drink alcohol and fray. Maybe a little feminist.

Funny character, trust me, when you challange the biggest guy who drink more glasses of beer. She tries to change everybody's mind about women, wants to show how strong they can be. Tan opposes and hates each type of magic (and I said I love magic, geez).


I know it's an introduction post so below there will be a lot of bot comments.

But I'd be happy to see comments from real people too!

@suesa and @apsu thanks for help and delegation. @emrebeyler thank you for this account.

Have a nice day!

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    Hello @osavi, welcome to Steem! :-)

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    Welcome to Steemit @osavi!

    I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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    Finally, you've made it. Hello.

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    Welcome to the STEEM network. :)

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  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Stories are the best, you are right, like Lord of the Rings over Game of Thrones. I once saw a funny Weird Al movie where there were a bunch of cockroaches. Beds are warm. A tomboy feminist has that tint of irony which is perfect for a good character arch.

  • @artbyclark

    Welcome to steemit Osavi! :)

  • @anroja

    Hi @osavi, welcome to the steemit

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    Alohaaaaaaa ♥♩♬♬

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    Hello. Welcome to Steem. I look forward to reading some of your characters and adventures.

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  • @naltedtirt

    First of all I am a real person. I have advanced fairly quickly on steemit since starting in March. I post often (sometimes 6 times in a day). I am addicted to Steemmonsters and buy cards as investments/strengthen my game. I need some advice about a project I am working on if you are interested, I think you would be good at it.

    I don't know lots abot steemit but do know how to advance in rank, how to delegate and have lots of extra time on my hands.

    I am not creepy lol...am not looking for a girlfriend.

    Let me know if you are interested in being helped or want to help....contribute to the community. Havr a great evening.

  • @kiel91

    Welcome to Steemit Osavi, wish you a great start here on the platform 🤗♨️👍🏼

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    Welcome to Steemit!

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    welcome to Steem!

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    Hi. Welcome to the steem.

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  • @livecam

    hi Osavi. Nice to have you here on the platform. I wish you a good Start. You was sad at the moment when you did the first picture? I like the Steemit Logo on the Fingernails, nice idea.

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  • @brittandjosie

    Welcome dear, First let me tell you i am an sigaret addicted too! Cannot do without it! And steemit those two go great together. And now you are here too, you are in great hands already but if you need help or wa t to meet other new people we have the steemterminal discord, and @heyhaveyamet where we re-introduce. Good Luck here, Britt

  • @danielsantos

    Welcome! It'd be great to hear more about your tabletop RPG stories and characters.

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