Atarashii - introduce of world

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I would like to introduce to you a world where my tales will happen. This place is called Atarashii. I was a game master there, and still playing as a player.

The world was created by the Old Dragons. They are hidden gods, known as the strongest and divided family. The oldest one is Duronor, established as the Father of the world and magic. He has three kids, 2 sons, and a daughter. The oldest one is Ererecez, the creator of the human race. His younger brother is Abaddon, the god of war and the first dragon who can turn to a human. The youngest of the siblings is sister, Ilhezin, the dragon of peace and light. Abaddon is against each god, probably only Duronor doesn't get a problem with him.

Semi-dragon Thorn is an adopted family member who changes everything. The wonderful child had supposed to a bridge between dragons and people. Noone predicted a fight that creates another enemy of this world. Now Thorn became a dragon of darkness and end, he forms demons and dark-child.

mapa2.png Source: created by Kratos

The continent consists of landmass and 3 islands.

Lothil is the capital city of the land. There lives a young king of Atarashii. Many people go there to find a better life, but in the end, they became beggars or thieves. Azarat is the heart of the desert and one of the richest city in the whole kingdom. Their main problem is demons who try to destroy this area each night. Teolia is high on a silver and wine island. They are unaided, the old king doesn't care about people, he wanted silver only. Dravnul is an isolated town without life. Nobody knows how they manage. Some people said there are undead. Dark and creepy place. Revia is a wild and uncharted area. Every adventurer wants to explore this place, but nobody survive the expedition.

No mechs, no powder, but a lot of magic and iron.

Humans have to survive a war between gods and themselves. They have a choice - stand with their dragon's gods or go with own way.

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    Interesting fantasy world. I would love to hear more about play-by-forum gaming. !tipuvote 10