How to be a dolphin without dying in the attempt 🐬 SOURCE

I got up early, like every day, to review some publications and be able to vote on them. Excited as always, because I think that I will find a good post to learn,but something totally unexpected happened to me; I had the power to adjust my vote percentage!

How is this possible? I asked myself; I'm still a redfish; There must be some problem on the platform.

I closed my browser and opened it again. I go to Steemit, I look for another publication and I wanted to vote it. A bar came out showing me the percentage of vote again.

I said to myself: What kind of witchcraft is it? Steemit is playing a bad joke.

I thought about closing the browser again, believing that a malware had entered my PC. Oh! I will have to format my PC, I said softly. Just when I was going to turn off the computer, I remembered that @thekittygirl had taught me that when I reached 500Sp in my account, that bar would appear because at that time I had become a small fish.I leaned back in my chair and stretched my body. I looked at a little dot that was on the ceiling of the room, to relax and decide what to do; I said to myself: Nobody with 100 Sp becomes a small fish.when looking again at my pc monitorI noticed that I had Discord messages and decided to open a tab to read the messages and then call the technician.

The message from my friend @marybellrg said:

-Congratulations! You are already a dolphin in Steemit. Enjoy your range!

-Today is the day of love and friendship, I said, not the day of innocent jokes. How can you tell me that?

-It seems that you have not noticed; You are already a dolphin!

-How should a dolphin be if I barely have 100Sp in my wallet?

  • Well, check it out! And you will realize what I am telling you.

I will see my wallet, take a picture and send it to @marybellrg. I think she got confused.

My eyes almost get out of their sockets when I saw my wallet. I could not believe what my eyes saw! I really am a dolphin!

The human being processes about 60 thousand thoughts a day. I had those 60 thousand in a few seconds.

What will I do now that I am a dolphin and my voting power increased?

I will make a publication saying that I am a dolphin so that my friends celebrate this goal with me. I will tell them that my achievement was not quick, but it was the constancy that helped me achieve it.

Now I will start promoting contests, looking for some sponsors, in order to help the little ones and a publication explaining the things I did and they served me. Maybe @appreciator want to participate and support me with this.

If I am a dolphin, I must have other responsibilities within the platform, so I will begin to be a better steemian to reach my next level: Being a Great Orca.

I will call my friends steemians: @brittandjosie, @jaynei, @wakeupkitty, @latino.romano, @felixgarciap, @avellana, @lisfabian, @sgt-dan, @the01crow and everyone to celebrate with a virtual meetup and share all the experiences acquired in steemit.

I feel very lucky because my work at Steemit has produced its first fruits. I will give all the contributions I can: Maybe somebody call me to do an interview on @radiosteemit or you can participate in the brotherhood offered by my friends at #Thealliance inside your wonderful Castle.

I am very excited! Too many thoughts are in my head to write a post right now.

I will leave the computer for a few minutes to lie down for a little while, close my eyes and relax, I'll write all the thankful of my heart, and why not, maybe I ask my friends, what would they do if a day they wake up and they found each other with the pleasant surprise that they are dolphins?

I went to the living room sofa, lay down and stretched my whole body as much as I could; I took several deep breaths to oxygenate my brain well and wake up with my lucid mind to publish. Little by little I calmed down to enter a state of relaxation.

I felt the gentle breeze coming through the window to brush my face.

I heard a sweet voice saying, "My love, it's time to get up." I slowly opened my eyes as I stretched; My wife was sitting next to the bed, touching my face with her soft hands.

I said inside me: Was it all a dream?

I jumped from the bed to the computer, It was still on since the night before with the writing of the publication I was writing and whose title was: How to be a dolphin without dying in the attempt.

I opened another tab to check my wallet. I couldn't believe it was a dream and feeling everything so real. The truth? It was a dream that led me to see what is really happening: I am in the race to be a minnow and with the support of wonderful people, I was able to achieve it: @brittandjosie, @justclickindiva, @wakeupkitty, @marybellrg, @sgt-dan, @iamraincrystal, @davidke20, @enginewitty and many other people are part of my growth and having achieved this goal, which is only the first step of this ladder called Steemit.

Thank you all for joining me on this odyssey. I'm a minnow now


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  • @felixgarciap

    Congratulations @oneray. Happy Weekeend.

  • @marybellrg

    No dudo de que lo lograrás, eres demasiado brillante y competitivo, además de tener un gran corazón lleno de bonitos sentimientos. Sé y estoy segura de que alcanzaras la cima y seguirás siempre tendiendo la mano a quienes lo necesiten en el camino, Orgullosa de ser tu amiga, querido @oneray. Exitos en el concurso. Te abrazo desde aqui!.

  • @irmao-joao

    According to the Bible, Charity Means Love (2 of 5)

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  • @carolinacardoza

    muchas felicidades amigo, te lo mereces, ahora sigue adeclante, eso me da muchas esperanzas de que lo que ocurre aqui realmente vale la pena

  • @antoniarhuiz

    Ja,ja, engañaste. Ya yo estaba pensando en buscarte para entrevistar a un delfin pero no importa lo que vale es el trabajo que haces; asi que esa entrevista va para @club12. Pronto tendrás noticias mías. Abrazos.

  • @justclickindiva

    Hi @oneray I liked your dream of being a dolphin. Nice story.

    I see you powered up to become a Minnow. Congratulations. You deserve it because you have worked hard.

    I would love to become a dolphin also and hold contests to help the small accounts to grow. I hope you get the chance soon. The next time I look, you'll be a Dolphin in real online life :)

    Take care,

  • @wakeupkitty

    I do not know when we are a dolphin and am kind of alarmed after I read the latest news bout Steemit leaving the steem blockchain, a new token will be born and Steem? Is it still a target of mine to power up or a waste of the Steem I invest and smarter to power down before it is all worth 0?

    A delegation is great and gives power, it's not your Steem/money (I bought Steem to power up).

    Congratulations with being a dolphin. I hope it benefits you and you earn too (that is my problem now. If no earnings I have to stop with the contest. I only see the SP increase. No Steem and the SP is not 50% (same amount) as the SP. It beats me, Steemit does.


  • @heartbeat1515

    I'm a bit confused here 😅 but that is all because my understanding is as slow a a sloth I think.

    Let me see, you dreamt about being a dolphin but you actually step up to be a minnow through steem engine? Am I on the right track?

    By the way, congratulations on being minnow. I felt that I took ages to reach the minnow level before, now it felt like I'm not going to reach dolphin level.

  • @mllg

    Congratulations I am very happy that you have become a dolphin. You have worked very hard in Steemit and with a very positive spirit. Congratulations again and thanks for stopping by my blog and upvoted me. Continue your ascent, friend, you have to!!

  • @txatxy

    te comprendo muy bien yo soy una pequeña delfina y mucho trabajo que cuesta cuando llegas no te lo puedes creer y he soñado mucho ser una orca para dar mi voto a cosas buenas y dejar de ver cacas votadas con muchos steee feliz viernes

  • @thekittygirl

    Your awesome post has earned you a First Place spot in my dolphin contest! I absolutely loved the title of your post 😂 and the writing and screenshots were fabulous! At first, I thought you were ineligible to participate because of your SteemPower (SP), so you had me fooled for a bit! LOL! Great job! 😁 Thanks for participating!

    !SHADE 5