Monochrome Monday Seems Fitting For These Dark Days


It may be hard to believe but these rocks are on the lake bottom. The water was so still and clear, they look like a field somewhere. Even through the water much detail jumps out, especially augmented by the effect of monochrome.

P1350133.jpg Here are a few ripples

So the powers that be are talking perhaps August will bring us some better handle on the state of the virus. I wonder if any stock out there will be above zero by August lol. It is brutal! Buy and hold has not be paying off recently it seems.


So far 2020 has been a rough year. Seems like it is always one thing or another! Whether online with Steem or in real life, it has been crazy and its not even half over! What the future holds is never clear, but I sure hope it starts to improve soon!


Here is to hoping the week gets better!



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  • @wandrnrose7

    Nice photography! It is a crazy world and I haven't even looked at my 401K at work. 😭

  • @dswigle

    Oh, yes! 2020 has been a challenge! But, we can do this!! I love that you got the rocks, the water is so cool and clear looking!

    We have to overlook or put up with the bad and look forward to all the good that will be coming our way!

    Upped and Steemed


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    Stay safe my friend!!

  • @lightsplasher

    That water looks really clear. It almost seems to me the sky has been clearing too but that could be my projections on what should happen based on less air and ground traffic. Nice monochromes. !trdo

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