Nerd By Northwest #165 – “Lockdown!”

Dan is prepared for almost every contingency...

Nerd By Northwest #165 – “Lockdown!” (Click on the image to see the full-size version)

While we all wish this coronavirus pandemic never happened, at least one positive aspect of it is that people aren't making fun of preppers (at least the rational ones) so much anymore. When we flew back into Mongolia as this pandemic really started picking up speed in China, it was a great feeling knowing I already had some masks and a few large bottles of hand sanitizer stored away. Same with having extra food and some cash savings. Those terrible prepper reality shows always focused on the fringe prepper element or steered conversations towards crazy topics for ratings. But at its heart, prepping is pretty much the same stuff our great grandparents did.

Though I guess when they were under lockdown from the Spanish Flu, lacking smartphones & computers & Netflix they actually had to TALK to each other. The horror... 😲

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