FFXIV art!

Hello! Sorry for the long hiatus ;;;; Been quite occupied with RL work and also FFXIV game ahaha. Do expect some delays in replies but i'll try my best!

Also here's some FFXIV artworks of my avatar!


also bless thilah for reminding me of steeit ///KISSES HER//NO

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  • @georgeboya

    So good to see you back:) Cool characters both of them:)

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  • @ryivhnn

    Welcome back :)

    Ahh Final Fantasy, I very carefuly avoided playing everything after X (I did start X-2 but didn't get too far) becase I know what a time sink it is for me x_x

    Cute outfits, what is your avatar carting around?

  • @elieserurabno

    Hi, Niekaori! I'm getting to know your art in this article and I wanted to tell you that I like it a lot. You're very good! I'll follow you to see more of your drawings.