Steem Monster Mash Giveaway - Week 2 Of 52

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  • @petertag

    37, been getting rocked by people with higher cards but against same/lower been doing great. Think my team comp is good but need to level up

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  • @sparkesy43

    Without any stats to back me up, the Death Splinter seems to be fairly dominant - to the point I wouldn't be shocked if it received a bit of Nerf treatment before the tournament play starts.


  • @motherearthist

    (66 )And the game is so addictive I prefer Water splinter I love abilities of theme. 1/3 wining and 570~ not bad for first week and I was trying the other splinter too.

  • @travoved

    52 My experience in Steem Monsters not so high but I like play with the same or higher level opponents! It turns on my excitement

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  • @minimining

    36 I think it is so difficullt to understand the power of the more expensive cards. They are better - but cost so much mana that I am not sure they are worthfull to use in play

  • @funnel

    hey neddy....i'll pick 15 ..always upvote to for the battles ....i have 1016 rating so i think i'm ok

  • @stefanialexis

    13..I think I need more practice with the battles..

  • @coolguy123

    33 Well, I am not different compared to you as I am losing more than winning as for as my recent battles are concerned. One thing what I noticed is, I see that there are many mismatched opponents in terms of XP and levels and that makes it difficult to beat them. Hopefully same leveled guys will be matched in battles for a better contest.

  • @philippekiene

    I'll pick number 26 please @neddykelly. When the battles were set to 19 mana I was doing quite well, now that's its dropped to 18... I'm on an 18 loss streak☠️

  • @rentmoney


    I stopped battling for the most part as I know the team I put together won't make it to the next level.

  • @stever82

    45 Battles have been fun you just have to take breaks sometimes when the match up at bad. I am up to 2900 rating with no maxed cards so I have been getting good matches for my death team. Life kicks my butt, but not a lot play that right now. Also Selena is now my most hated card. Stupid dragon summon decks with no dragons.

  • @jznsamuel

    23 I'm doing 50-50 i guess, it's fun playing either you win or lose.

  • @the01crow


  • @minhaz007

    7 Luck in everything

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  • @reconnectnature

    17, I really like the battles, but especially with the changing mana rules it is pretty hard to keep up, when you don't have much time to play...

  • @noekie

    33 The battles are fun, but there are a whole lot of mismatches - that's a bit of a shame

  • @fastio


    I'm beginning to hate the death cards ;)

  • @zeeshannaqvi72


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  • @aykaco

    55 please And I already addicted to the game last two days I played a lot. My current team is silver 1 it is getting more difficult to win and leave the game and go to sleep :)

  • @mountainjewel

    32- i've been having some luck today- until i tried my quest with the fire splinter and am getting demolished... that one is a hard one to win- especially with the extra powers off. death and water are my favs. i find too that if i am in a losing streak i better back off because it likely wont get better during that time. try again later! i am actually loving this! thanks :)

  • @madeyearcher

    42 an ya ive been kicking butt since this last conflict ive risen from 1k to 2500 its been a blast ater/magic rocks

  • @just2random

    7 and my battles have stagnated without a Peaceful Giant ;-) Better make that 29 as 7 is already taken

  • @machv

    62 Fascinating. Had never played this sort of a game before. Now, I am hooked.

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  • @minismallholding

    Thank you for your entry in the For the Love of Comments contest. I have applied for 0.20 steem worth of dustsweeping for you. If you have an account, this will be added to the balance, otherwise an account will be created for you.

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