Do you know what's in those juicy hot cross buns?

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  • @forykw

    Next time you know you need to use @esteemapp... =) and don't try to use '#' on the tags... you can still use them on the posts... like for example I am using now on this comment: #esteemapp, but while filling up the tags, because the fields there are already prepared for such, you don't need to use the '#'.

    New to STEEM? Not really... ok.. just checked. LOL

  • @artemislives

    Sooooo happy to be away from the whole christian-easter "thing" - def nothing I miss in Asia. Home made hot cross buns? Always good, crosses optional. :)

    REAL bun spices? why spoil them in a bun when you can make CHAI !! :) LOL...

    Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration. With Love From ecoTrain

  • @ausbitbank

    Oh great I literally just ate a coles hot cross bun. prepares obituary