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Digital art made by @xpilar

Parallel worlds

The sea is forming an admirable rainbow, all the fish are confused, they keep asking themselves what is happening, they have never seen so many coloured lights together.

But they know that something strange is happening, when they get close to where the colours are, they can't breathe, their gills stop working, they have to swim fast and move away; everyone comments , that the sea is opening spaces for people to live in the depths, because the magnificent colours are generators of oxygen so they can breathe and survive.

These big circles are scattered all over the ocean, soon man will be able to live in the depths of the sea.

Where no virus will be able to cross because its alkaline waters are capable of sustaining humanity; I only wonder how long it will cover them; where man arrives the positive and negative changes begin.

It will be capable of its aquifers to devastate or to arrive to devastate the reefs, to finish with the schools of fish to turn it into their food, I don't want to continue imagining that it could happen, I hope to return to the reality and to see them from far away fishing, commented the great real fish.

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  • @marybellrg

    Wao, great story, you took me with your words to the bottom of the sea imagining everything, dear @naylet. It's always nice to read you and even more to see your inspiration in this beautiful image of the friend @xpilar.

    Wao, gran historia, me llevaste con tus palabras al fondo del mar imaginando todo, querida @naylet. Siempre es agradable leerte y más aún ver tu inspiración en esta hermosa imagen del amigo @xpilar.


  • @janettyanez

    Muy buena historia amiga @naylet, me enganchastes de principio a fin, felicitaciones.