The Real Corona Virus Solution

Im posting this more like a Facebook Status. Im at work so Im going to be fast about this. My SOLUTION for this Corona Virus. Let The People get sick, go home, recover, and go back to work. Our LandLords and Banksters don't give a rats fuck if we cant pay rent because of a Corona Quarantine or they shut our job down, or your sick and everyone is afraid to let you back to work. WTF simply get sick,survive, go back to work! Fuck You Globalist shit bucket inhumane indignant fuck's. This is an orchestrated crisis, and I am Hella Fucking Pissed! I dont have time for spell check, artwork or a Meme, if this has you pissed as well, leave a comment in the comment section, going back to work, My location is St.Louis, MO USA

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    Damn skippy. The thing is uncontainable. It will be with humanity forever and or until we can learn to make people immune to that HIV-like spike glycoprotein. This means the shuttering of all industries as a dog and pony show to "pretend" that things are under control will only lead to untold more suffering, misery, and death than the virus will cause in and of itself.