The Corona Virus in the U.S. Infects Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous + Misc. Corona Strangeness


I have a theory! That's real novel, a conspiracy theorist with a theory! anyway...I started to notice that in the United States Corona appears to have hit the wealthy, well to do, and Celebrities yet it seems it isn't epidemic yet amongst the working class. New Rochelle in New York for instance, a suburb hit so hard that it represents half of all Covid-19 cases in New York appears to be an affluent suburb of NYC, and is responsible for half of all Covid-19 cases in NY.


I have pored through god knows how many hours of podcasts in the last several weeks,and the majority of regular working class everyday listeners have mostly reported not knowing one person who has Corona Virus. Than I thought about it, and nobody I know at work knows one person personally who contracted the Corona Virus. Than St.Louis had it's first Covid-19 case which was in a very well to do area called Ladue. The infected girl was a college student who was attending school in Italy. Instead of a self quarantine on the entire household, The sick girls sister, who attends a high dollar private school said Fxck the quarantine and with her f Dad went to a Father Daughter dance at the highschool knowing they could have potentially infected a large number of those in attendance.

Why do I bring up the fact that Corona in the U.S. appears to be in predominantly wealthy elite circles? To let all my working class mates know to chill the fxck out! It hasn't really hit the everyday American yet. People are losing jobs and taking lay-offs unnecessarily. I would suggest that people who have jobs that can't be done from home at least be allowed to volunteer at their own risk the opportunity to go to work verses shutting everything down when nobody even literally knows one infected person with Covid-19 besides celebrities and politicians.

Our Fore Fathers had to whether storms and circumstances that make Covid-19 a walk in the park. Many times our ancestors had to shed blood, kill or be killed. We don't have to pay the ultimate price, there is no Army invading our lands. Yet here we are acting as if this is Stephen King's,"The Stand" or a zombie apocalypse. I am confident this will pass, and my advice for now is stay away from the Rich and Famous, and do not travel and shop in the wealthy well to do parts of town.


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Here is another bit of Covid-19 high strangeness. For everyone in the know who is quite familiar with numerology as it pertains to conspiracy theories, do a google search on Corona Virus 33. I did this on a recommendation in a YouTube comment and it is bizarre!




And Lastly an interesting graphic taken off Zero Hedge, unfortunately I forgot to copy the link. Stay strong everyone! I pray to God this goes by quickly and the Creator lays the hammer down on the people responsible for what I believe is an orchestrated crisis!


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    Social distancing is keeping people physically apart from each other.

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Haha a conspiracy theorist with a theory, how mundane lol. Well, if government wants to help us, then they SHOULD simply enforce external borders as opposed internal borders, if anything.

    Open Border Prison Planet

    One of the biggest 1984 ironies is in the Open Border Prison Planet that globalists are pushing in 2020 like never ever before.

    Expanding Tyranny

    Instead of talking about the beer bug, people should focus on the engineers behind the bug which probably went black-op in 2015, which could be traced back to at least 2010 some say. To educate the general public, we can simply show people the genome of these alleged viruses that may include things like nano bots and who knows what. Long story short, even a retarded tadpole could eventually comprehend the simple fact that COVID was engineered just like those three 9/11 buildings in 2001 in New York City. People can look at building 7.