SGT Report May Have the Closest Version of Corona Truth

I decided I am going to use my blog more like a facebook account in between content. I'm the first Truther to say,"Don't Quit Your Day Job". I always have done this for passion, and the crypto aspect is interesting, but I'm not chasing stardom at my age. The Information War in 2009 wasn't monetized and I never would have guessed that you could monetize an Information War. That beign said I plan on posting statuses in between stories. Let's maximize Steemit's Block Chain posting ability and not focus entirely on content creation, or steem. I had a 8 month dead spot because I was to busy to create content. This time around I'm going to do things rather differently.

I beleive this episode holds the closest version of Truth. I'm an independent and do not promote Trump and Qanon religiously, but I do follow the movement. I think Q's Corona Virus revelations are mind blowing to say the least. The states with the highest number of sealed enditements Q discusses matches the areas of the country hit hardest by the Corona Virus. That really peaked my interest. Anyway give this clip a look over if you havent seen it yet and drop your theory in the comment section.


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