Conciousness Can Influence Pandemic Outcome



CIA FOIA document"The Phsychotronic Universe Pt.1

If I had to experience a global emergency, the Corona Pandemic is a best case circumstance. The hardship consists of xbox marathons, porn hub, vice at every level(be honest America!) For some people they have never had it better, millions of people have the luxury of now working from home escaping the brutal cubicle concentration camp of office life, and still getting paid

People are going to get a lifetimes worth of days off. As an example if times are good and you only get 2 weeks off a year you might get 10 years worth of days off. That's what I told my self during the 2008 Economic collapse. I had 33 lifetimes worth of days off during the collapse! You see what I did, 33😃

I believe consciousness creates reality. What if you were so emotionally wrapped in a Corona Pandemic Fear Porn Narrative that you were practically programmed into creating a reality that mirrored the fear porn narrative. Your consciousness can manifest reality so becareful what you allow to overtake your mind. What if life is full of parallel dimensions and your belief in the fear porn narrative literally shifted you into a parallel universe where that narrative is your reality, where if you put belief in a positive narrative you just might shift into the parallel dimension of that reality.

CIA FOIA document"The Phsychotronic Universe Pt

Than there is the belief that you can reality shift a narrative through collective consciousness. I believe that's why there is so much collusion between Lame Stream Media, Corporations, Governments, Hollywood down to manipulating the nations local news broadcast. They control the narrative, your belief, your consciousness will influence reality, We believe their narrative, and the simulation runs in their favor.

I believe that's why Decentralized Media has been a major blow to the system you have millions of people believing separate narratives which directly affects the human consciousness which than has the potential for multiple outcomes, an outright reality shift paradigm war.

Take note who is delivering what narrative, predictive programming is another form of influencing consciousness. Who is pumping fear porn. What world do these fear porn artists live in? Do you want to contribute to creating that reality just by believing in it? The human race has that potential.

I rarely post on the subject of how consciousness can create or influence reality. It is so deep I dare not pretend to explain. Quantum physics,the mandela effect law of attraction, even a research paper proving that consciousness has power are some of the rabbit holes you can chase. Those rabbit holes will lead to even more places that are real paradigm shifters. This subject matter is probably the biggest pardagm shift in history. It proves people have the power of thought and can contribute to outcomes. Stay safe, during the pandemic if we can believe in a positive outcome we will literally influence a positive outcome.


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