Bernie Sanders, The DNC, Election Rigging, Should Patriot's Respond?


What the Fxck America! Do we live in a Banana Republic? You must admit that Election Fraud is a problem we should all share and stand up against, and the Democratic National Convention and their Presidential Primaries are Corrupt to the core. You would think most Democrats would have let the DNC have their asses for round 2 of another rigged primary in 2020 by people who have created Oligarchy's of corruption and power, and should have stepped aside decades ago! It's pure bullshxt! The Rule of Law, and one of the most greatest priveleges of our Republic, electing our leaders is being hijacked by a Criminal Organization! The Democratic primaries are the most rigged example of a tyrannical organization running like a cartel against the will of the people. It's worse than a fxcking Election run by the DPRK and Kim Jong-un in North Korea. I bet North Korean elections are more fair and balanced than a Democratic primary.


Not only does the Democratic party look like the biggest fxcking goofs on planet earth they are doing the United States of America the grand favor of dragging any credibility the Mainstream Media has left, down the proverbial shitter.

During the first rigged primary against Bernie Sanders in 2016 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia,PA the popular Alternative Media You Tube Channel, "Truth Stream Media", with Aaron and Melissa Dykes documented the most Un-American Un-Patriotic Crony skull fxckery throughout the convention . Boos literally drowned out every speaker until the Delegates were either kicked out and replaced by people literally hired off the street or elaborate white noise was installed behind the Delegates to drown out the many chants and boos in defiance. The documentary is a clear reminder that the Democratic Process has been hijacked by a virtual Mafia of Tyrants. It's 2020 and The Democratic Party and it's convention process is still under Mob control by the same actors subverting the rule of law and the will of the people.

Truth Stream Media

Of particular note At the 5:30 mark in the Truth Stream Media, DNC documentary you can see Bernie looks like he clearly took a blow to the face.

2020 and the Democratic Primary is a Freak Show! The people's will is again subverted with manipulation, vote rigging, and major collusion with the Main Stream Media creating a Fake Narrative where Joe Biden is the people's candidate of Choice??? Fxck,Fxck,Fxck!!!! That's all you can say about Joe Biden!

Interestingly enough Ive been digging hard for Bernie Sanders recent facial injury, reportedly right at the time Biden went from Zero to front runner pushing Bernie Sanders down yet again. Bernie seemed to have rolled over, not even waiting to buckle at the DNC's 2020 convention in Milwaukee, WI.

Here is a link to a Twitter Post of one of the very few Video's of Bernie Sanders newest hit to the face in March as Biden comes out of the bottom to become the DNC's front runner.


Regardless of your opinion of Bernie Sanders and the DNC, As a Patriot I see Americans who are in need of help. I watched the RNC vote rig against Ron Paul twice in the primaries, now the DNC goes full bore banana republic against Bernie Sanders. Instead of mocking this guy should'nt we be defending his right to run for office. We should at the very least defend all American's right to have fair elections minus the greatest example of election manipulation, vote rigging and election fraud in modern history. I believe the DNC primary vote rigging is not a Democratic Party problem, it's an American problem.

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