THE FINAL STAGE: Please take this 3-second poll!

For the last week or so I've been fighting for my life to find a new identity for SteemSTEM that I feel fits certain criteria, while at the same time has the right availability, price, legal freedoms, connotations and so forth.

Unfortunately, due to these factors and more, some names I enjoyed had to be put aside (sorry, BoatymcBoatFace), but there are about 3 I genuinely like nonetheless.

The decision is ultimately not mine, however. Well, I guess it kind of is, but I would feel MUCH more comfortable if we had some public input so I don't need to depend on my own self-doubt to get me through.

So please spend a couple of seconds choosing the one from the shortlist you like. Some made it from some very generous brains out there, others came up in Discord and one purely from my own Brain.

If you feel there is nothing but trash, please do make further suggestions in the comments, as the poll results are not final, I just used that word for clickbait purposes.


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  • @lupafilotaxia

    Vote cast, excellent participation methodology.

  • @deadspace

    I think you should go with STEMlight, with the logo being a STEM themed fleshlight. That would be an absolute banger.

  • @abitcoinskeptic

    I see STEMit didn't make the list.

    =( ㅠㅠ



  • @pangoli

    Vote cast