SteemSTEM's New Name Shortlist. Vote Now!

Before I go take out the trash in this Barren, Disease-ridden land (earth), I'd like to get a final push of help for our NEW NAME.

image.png Credit: @glass.wolf

A genuinely surprising treasure trove of names came to me from all of you, and a lot of them lead me to check for availability, pricing, etc. There were a lot of roadblocks in this regard. However, the ideas themselves gave me ideas for new directions too.

Perhaps there were too many suggestions, as I found my head whirring with possibilities...

Well. With that in mind, and considering various availabilities of such names and initial approval rating of a handful of folk, I've got here a small list of potential names.

I'd like people, if you haven't all abandoned Steem just yet, to have a vote on the following names.

Some of them we CANNOT use in their exact form, so please take that into account when choosing. For example, if is super popular, obviously I'm going to have to use something else like... (creative, I know).

The final decision ultimately comes down to... Actually I don't even know. but probably not you, anyway. So, I won't keep you waiting, please choose from the following names.

I will drop comments for each name, and y'all are welcome to do a little upvote to show which one you like. (Downvotes also count as votes, if you feel like counter-acting the rewards or whatever).

The Shortlist

  • Stem-Trail
  • StemDrive
  • StemZone
  • Stem-Sight
  • Cognition
  • System (sySTEM)
  • Systemic (sySTEMic)
  • COTAS (culture of thought & science)
  • StemSocial
  • BoatyMcBoatFace
  • Ned

Of course, feel free to add replies to the comments for further suggestions! And as the best community out there:

Thanks for your time!

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