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Removed for reasons. The article is still available elsewhere if anyone ever wants to read it, feel free to ask!

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  • @valued-customer

    I reckon the situation is dire, and while you note Xi Jinping has nothing to lose, then he has nothing to gain either. The same is true for HK. If they can't gain independence from China, they have nothing to lose.

    I'd be in the streets.


  • @patriamreminisci

    Regarding your comments on Xinjiang and the replacement of images of Holy Figures with images of Xi and Mao, I never had a hard time believing it but living here in the Jing, I never saw it first-hand. Your account brings a sigh, but I can't say I'm surprised. As for your thoughts on the impossibility of Hong Kong's success... can I be cynical? I agree, but the world needs to back them in that losing fight anyway. Maybe Hong Kong can be the martyr the rest of the world needs in order to finally get the gumption to tell China to kick rocks. I've got dozens of entries on nations in China's neighborhood who have finally gotten a clue in that regard, but the West still tries to pretend "it's a phase... China will come around eventually." Maybe seeing Hong Kong get crushed will shock the world enough for them to realize what kind of a monster China has been since Qin Shihuang. I hate to be so Macchiavellian about it, but that's the way I see it.

  • @patriamreminisci

    I took the liberty of copying it into a Word Document before it came down, but I can promise you I will only quote it anonymously until you're out of China (as I finally am). I know full-well how it feels to walk around looking over your shoulder in that country. It's why I never attached my name or face to my Steemit account until I was out for good.