Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak


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  • @blocktrades

    I have a friend visiting here (in the US) from China. He came here several months before the outbreak and was planning to go back in the middle of March. At this point, I guess he will have to stay here until the end of his 6 month VISA, but I'm wondering about what happens when that runs out (because of the lack of flights from US to China).

    It seems like there will need to be some way for such people to extend their VISAs, if they can't go back to China. I mean, maybe he can go to some other country in the meantime, but that makes little-to-no-sense, and would be incredibly expensive as well (here he's staying with family).

  • @anomadsoul

    This is very interesting, definitely please try to keep posting about this. There is so much fake news and bait and switch narratives out there, most people don't even know what to believe.

    We know some of the real numbers, if not all, are not what the governments report. I've seen some videos of people getting evacuated - so to speak - for health and security reasons. There are some videos circulating from doctors "coming out" with real data or different numbers. We have articles stating everything is under control and the WHO is doing everything to help, and at the same time there is so many articles and videos "leaked" pointing exactly to the opposite, where chaos is boss.

    I've known you, at least from here, for quite a while, so reading your impressions and first hand experiences is quite the ride. Hopefully you'll be able to keep us updated with what I may dare calling real, verified news.

    Best of luck Mobbs.

  • @whatsup

    Thank you for sharing such a real view into your experience. I can't wait until you expand on the politics involved.

    Also really exciting to see such a relevant and interesting post on Trending.

    following with great interest.

  • @enforcer48

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

    My uncle is currently in NanJing, and he teaches in WuHan. He got out of the city before the quarantine. Last, he told me that he and his colleagues were required to teach via video or audio to people still locked down in the area.

    He was reluctant to talk in detail about the situation over where he’s at on WeChat. I don’t blame him. This certainly offers the perspective I needed.

  • @belemo

    If it wasn't so real, I'd have sworn this is a snippet from a horror movie. Other than a few videos of people walking on empty streets, this is the closest account I've gotten of the effect of Corona virus.

    A lot of people are misinformed and VERY scared. Stay safe, stock up on alcohol and food, stay indoors with your cats and just watch porn videos on YouTube or something.

    I'd like to share this story on Twitter, do you have one? I'd like to tag you.

  • @transisto

    Finally some newsworthy content!

  • @acidyo

    Great post @mobbs, shared it on a relevant subreddit:

  • @ctrpch

    Thanks for sharing your insight, never been to China myself.

  • @gentleshaid

    Reading a firsthand, uncensored information about the situation of things over there is quite refreshing. I have always known that this will have a political undertone. Please continue to update us and FYI, I will be sharing this on twitter.

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  • @paulag

    wow how crazy is all that? I can't believe you were turned away for being from china. Its great to read a 'real story' and first hand experience. It must be just as crazy seeing everywhere empty as seeing the dudes in the suits. Stay well. thanks for the post

  • @alejandra.her

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m on the other side of the world, and it is still an intriguing worrying theme.

  • @davedickeyyall

    Definitely more indepth than anything we're getting on the #fakenews over here in the US

  • @tbnfl4sun

    Thanks for sharing this, I was glad to see this first hand from someone on the ground! This is what I like about social media and steemit. I look forward to any more posts on this subject!👍

  • @evernoticethat

    I have a friend here who has relatives in China and she confirms that the true numbers are way higher. I hope you're as prepared as you can be. Stay safe and keep those reports coming! source

  • @wandrnrose7

    Thank you for your information. My heart goes out to all the people dealing with such a lockdown situation. You have indeed experienced a crazy ordeal thus far. Prayers for continued safety and financial needs met.

  • @cinefilm

    covid-19 ? stupid. china 19 virus

  • @jeff-kubitz

    Shared on Facebook. Thanks

  • @retinox

    Thank's for sharing your personal experience on-site. And good luck!

  • @zaibkang

    Thanks for sharing

  • @sanjeevm

    Glad to see this post on trending page, seems curation is now more effective. Steemit is banned in China, right ?

  • @felix.herrmann

    thanks for reporting first hand (is it actually dangerous for you?)

    fear spreads fast. Just checked last week at a pharmacy in a bigger German city. All high quality face masks had been sold out.

  • @holoz0r

    Thanks, friend! I was looking for something like this to read. Great first hand account of how this is impacting an individual.

  • @will94

    Hey, what do you think is the long-term effects then? Say, 6-10 months down the line? I heard that by April that the virus will essentially be gone and so then this will all be a thing of the past. Do you believe that? I mean the virus, in my opinion, is actually a positive for crypto as it making traditional stocks riskier but I am just concerned whether I believe the hype of the whole situation as it is. If the situation is as real and dangerous as the media will make us believe then will this be a further driving factor for crypto? It is always so hard to call these things and wit such an important year for cryptocurrencies and particularly bitcoin then knowing what the big markets for crypto, namely, in this case, China, are going to be doing in the coming weeks and months is very valuable for everyone.

  • @montycashmusic

    Thanks for posting this. This is the most I've heard of the situation as I do not watch the mainstream news. I feel it is more accurate than any propaganda the mainstream will shoot at us.

  • @luckylinkz

    hey this is great information its a shame this is happening however I do feel this virus is man made. I believe there a cure to all illness I do not trust any government at all. if this spreads unfortunately lots of people will die and to make matters worse it could start an economic crash for the world my prayers are with those who are suffering right now peace and love

  • @shingetsu

    thank you so much for sharing true situation of china right now. and its an emergency for china peoples and they are fighting with corona bravely and also fighting to save the world

  • @christopherb

    A very delicate subject at a delicate moment in history in general. Excellent post. Please continue to share your situation, so we will know how you are. Our Steemit community must always be united and more in difficult times.

  • @dianadee

    Thinking of you in this very difficult time you are experiencing.

  • @fleur

    That is a fascinating read and I hope that you and your cats remain safe and healthy. I am ethnically HK Chinese and live in Cambridge. I am curious as to why you think England is stuck in the 1990’s. I’d be interested to hear your perspective 🙏🏽

  • @sofathana

    Very good chronicle!...Cheers!

  • @letterxin


  • @sjacob

    Thanks for sharing a firsthand experience and uncensored information about the situation of things over China is quite refreshing. Please continue to update us.

  • @malekazis

    ohhh now,,, death the way to the afterlife

  • @pennsif

    Excellent information.

    And a perfect example for me of what Steem should be about.

    My daughter begins studying Chinese at university in September.

    Her course will include one or two years in China so we are keen to learn what 'real life' is like in China - particularly in this very difficult time.

    I was particularly fascinated by the video of the trip to the supermarket. I hope you can make more of these.

    Thank you.

  • @ugochill

    Dreadful and surreal situation.Reality is again stranger then fiction. Wishing you and all of us all and only the best.

  • @atomcollector

    I feel ashamed to be British reading how you were treated! People should actually educate themselves rather that relying on the press and gossip and then becoming irrational.

  • @yangyanje

    Thanks for sharing this inside view with us. Seriously a well written and concisely expressed post. Being of asian origin, I feel you on the retro west. I work with exporters there and in the forwarding industry. Not only are many factories on lockdown, but also shipping vessels and airlines aren't shipping any goods either.

  • @olivia08

    I read the story to the end. Please be careful and share all new development. Thank you for sharing @mobbs

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  • @shanghaipreneur

    Luckily still no cases around me either - for 3.5 km!

  • @dksart

    Great write up from a first person narrative. I do believe the Chinesse government is mostly an authoritarian regime, but you also have to take into consideration, how quickly would have this virus spread if they had not enacted any of the tactics you describe in your post? That is probably not something that can ever be accurately calculated...

  • @layim

    I hope everything will be ok in China soon.

  • @bountyking5

    its so dangerous for human

  • @daybydaysurvival

    I live in a small but prominent city in Australia and fear of the virus is high.

    Much of Australia is on fire and there have been extreme weather conditions (flooding rain, dust storms, heat waves, hail, thick fog banks).

    A few days ago a man collapsed in the city center. This was on a day with record high temperatures. No one would give him CPR because everyone assumed he had the virus. The only article I saw about the situation didn't say whether the man survived until the EMTs arrived.

    There also a lot of fear and resentment about the annual wave of Chinese students who are scheduled to come in for a new school term at Australian universities. There's been a public travel ban to keep the students out.

  • @angel33

    News from China always do not get exposed to the world

  • @agmoore2

    A remarkable report, the kind of record that may become a primary source in years to come. So happy you are well. Hope you stay that way. Read on Discord that you had finally caught a flight back. Brave, brave, brave. But then there were the cats :)) And with hysteria about cat transmission, they needed you. I would have have returned for the cats, also. Be well. Hand washing, as you know, is more effective than sanitizer (with traditional flu virus). Looking forward to more reports, especially to reports that you are doing well.

  • @prizm.blockchain

    The biggest question remains... If Bitcoin mining farms are being forced to close down - is Bitcoin the only reason for the bioweapon to be released?

  • @icemeister

    This is really frustrating and sad for the people. There are many interesting things here that we yet do not know. I am interested on how this will affect the western world in short coming days.

    If anything everyone where need to prepare for this.

  • @valued-customer

    Really hoping things normalize soon, and this terrible circumstance ends as well as you could wish for. I do appreciate your excellent post on this situation.


  • @masterlokaj

    Apple warns China virus will cut iPhone production, sales

  • @julescape

    Wow powerful story, it sounds like a Hollywood zombie movie has become a reality. And it's affecting the biggest country on the planet...and now the entire planet. Here in Africa we are far from the madding crowd so still in the clear...for now.

  • @joeyarnoldvn