It's all Media Hype. Virus, Schmirus

Corona Virus:

  • Declared global health emergency
  • British Airways, Aeroflot and other flight companies cancel trips to China, some for a month at least, Costing them untold millions
  • 66 million people (the entire population of the UK/France) completely quarantined and isolated
  • Companies run bankrupt nationwide, economy permanently damaged, particularly in places such as Hong Kong
  • Schools close down for weeks/indefinitely, causing more economic and educational damage
  • Mass hospitals built in days to cater to the overwhelming demand
  • Supermarkets run dry, delivery services cut off/canceled, people dying from lack of resources
  • Visas for Chinese nationals revoked worldwide, more untold millions in economic damages
  • Nurses and Doctors working so much over days without a single break that they are forced en masse to wear adult diapers so they can sh*t themselves while they work
  • Cases doubling every couple of days (though likely more than official stats let on)
  • 1,500 cases of either Critically ill or dead in a few weeks
  • Numbers of infected within a few weeks surpass SARS total over 9 months
  • Can transmit without symptoms, through pets, credit cards, breathing, and other unknown methods

Opinion piece writers with self-proclaimed doctorates in virology sitting at a safe distance:

'Nyeghhh, the flu kills more people, it's just media hype, Nyeghhh'

... right.

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  • @alexs1320

    Thank God, the music teacher will present us some relevant data, not those "with self-proclaimed doctorates in virology"

    Let's check some data, Professor:


    171 deaths and 8326 confirmed cases

    For those college dropouts:

    171 x 100 / 8326 = 2%

    Now, let's see how deadly average flu is:

    Keep in mind that the sample is still small

    Now... Let's see how old / ill those people were:

    75 years?! The median is 75. For Nigerians and dropouts, median = half of them are younger, half are older

    Spanish flu was much, much worse

    In total:

    • if you are already half-death
    • and you catch the virus
    • there is 1:50 chance that you will die from it
    • while the chance for Steemit to recover are estimated to 1:50.000.000
  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Yeah, many doctors work too much. True.

  • @holoz0r

    If the thing about the doctors wearing nappies so they can work crazy shifts and treat patients is true, isn't that a health hazard unto itself?