The Killer Pandemic, errrr Corona Virus

Oh, when the truth about National Media is finally set free you see that the magic show for the children is right out there in front of YOU.

For instance this: “Their misuse of the word centrist to refer to pro-corporate candidates like Joe Biden is intentionally misleading, and is designed to trick the audience into thinking that Biden’s policies are more popular than they actually are.”

When the people who pay the salaries of those reporting on the available information you can rest assured that what you hear is what THEY want you to hear. For example, take the movie “V: for Vendetta” from the year 2005. This movie was based on the “Fear Mongering” concerning a global pandemic of a “Killer” virus. The entire premise is that “We will Protect You” and the citizenry gives up their “Rights” for Protection. Fifteen years ago, there was a movie that would be almost an exact prophecy of what is going on TODAY. Think about that, if you will.

What has been shown time and time again is that OUR CONGRESS cannot be trusted to keep a reign on a runaway president and they continually refuse to represent their Constituents. It is up to US, all of US to make Congress remember they work for the People of this Country, NOT the Corporations. VOTE THOSE MAMBY PAMBY IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE. Mitch, out

© Mitchell 2020-06-30

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