While some may think that the problem is not enough blockchain-level features, that we need more marketing, or easier sign ups, it all boils down to engagement.


Steemit inc. finally looked up today after years of hard work to bring the next level features to Steem, and realised that there is hardly anyone here to use them.

Meanwhile, larger investors are busy down-voting the most engaging content on the blockchain.


Glad we're all pulling in the same direction here!

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  • @meesterboom

    Engagement, engagement, engagement. You can't have social without it and a bunch of posters trotting out old crypto tropes ain't gonna draw the crowds in and downvoting posts for arbitrary reasons ain't gonna breathe life into this old dog!

  • @bashadow

    Maybe @arcange should start a top ten down voted post list. I know it all started as a desire to control the bid-bot crisis, it has ever expanded. We are already well into the "First they came for blah blah blah, and I did nothing because they did not come for me"... syndrome.

    Meanwhile the gang leader, of the delegated 15 SP down vote brigade, continues grow his account.

    And now SBI is under attack. So far most of the down voting is not a large reward puller, but that could change. After SBI what next, all the post that use the tag palnet, or steemleo, or any of the other tribe or community names because someone got butthurt, oh wait I think that is also happening.

    They tried to fix a problem, and made a larger problem out of it. They failed to look at history and what happens when people are given the power to control other people. Study after study after study has shown what happens, this is just one more to add on to the list of power over others results study.

  • @steevc

    That post by @abh12345 has had some hefty downvotes, but will still make far more than post people make in a week. I suspect it is down to feuds between various factions and some of them not liking that others supported it. These petty fights do not help the image of Steem and we all lose as a result. Meanwhile a lot of real junk posts are being downvoted so that people do not profit from buying votes. I see all sorts of claims that downvoting is violence, censorship or even nazi behaviour, but it is actually curation and that can decrease as well as increase rewards. Only the Steem community gets to decide what a post is worth.

  • @justinparke

    Just tried to send my first ENGAGE token to a commenter on one of my posts. I noticed the Steemd sight is down for several days, and it's been nearly 20 minutes sinced I typed the command, and no ENGAGE has been transferred. Am I doing anything wrong?

  • @petrarodriguez

    Aqui mi visita,saludos desde venezuela amigo,espero contar con su apoyo,gracias