What is Art?

What ist Art?

An expression of your deepest Imagination - Emotion - Lifeforce.

It is linked with everyone and everything. But you need to let it flow out of you.

Thru denying thougts or fears we block this natural flow. But even these fears have its function. If you try to come over them, you are growing.

They can't be pushed away - they only will come back stronger.

No one was there to hold them, to comfort these parts of you. So they did hide and cry everytime when they don't feel loved. They demand to be heard and start to get louder when it is time to heal.

The only thing you can do is to embrace them as parts of yourself which have been frightened and misunderstood. Give them what they need - listen.

The funny part is that you will attract people who trigger these fears. Life wants you to confront you with them.

So it is important to distinguish what you expirience from old injuries and what is actually really happening.

Thru this process you can truly grow. And Art ist like a channel where this process can be shown.

Life wants you to love yourself and you can find a way to this thru Art. If it means to clarify your mind, emotions or just do something that you like and brings you into flow.

To manifest your wonderful individual self in Art.

In that sense:

Hi everyone!

I created this account to find an Art channel I can put out my lifeforce, thoughts and insights in different shapes as lyrics, poems, drawings and later on also music.

It is a possibility to share conciousness, to find and give inspiration for this wonderful life.

miri portraitcontest-1.jpg Please view in full screen

Thanks to @sandymeyer

Cheers Mirai

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    Hoi , chön bisch uf steem, wow love youre texts and looking forward to a lot of inspiratin from youre side :) steem on 😍

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    What a great Intro post and I think you will love it here on Steemit, so manyartistic people on here


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    Hummm... waiting for more.

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    Hello @miraicastel, nice to read you, motivational and true words, to grow we have to let the energies flow and make the negative come out so that the positive prevails and the best thing to help is art and sport, happiness always

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    Great definition!

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    Howdy Mirai, you got it. I love art. Welcome.

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    Welcome Mirai, I hope you'll like it here on Steemit! :)

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    very wise and deepminded text.

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