Spring Portraits with Beautiful Bokeh

These are some photos from last weekend. We went closer to nature and spent a huge amount of time here. These photos were taken opposite from the sun, so the light turned out to be very soft and the background acquired a beautiful bokeh.


As you can see, I added some screenshots from the programs in which I usually work.

In the beginning I use a program of Capture One in which I carry out color correction and cropping if necessary. Then I export the photos in the size I need.




Next, I open the Photoshop program and examine each photo in more detail. Usually here I spend skin retouching and remove unnecessary details in the photo. I also add some contrast, volume and sharpness to the photos.


In general, in Photoshop you can do a lot of interesting things, also I usually use curves and add more contrast and juiciness. I hope you were interested and you learned something new for yourself.



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